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Solo travel: this is how the solo travel adventure succeeds
Solo travel: this is how the solo travel adventure succeeds

Total freedom or boredom? How the vacation with yourself becomes a complete success, how you prepare for it and what helps if you do feel lonely. This way …

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Backpacking in nature, lying on the beach all day or a cool city trip? Be free, do whatever you want? Don't have to adjust to anyone live into the day and just enjoy some time with yourself? Traveling alone can be awesome!

More and more people - not just singles, by the way - are deciding to go solo. Especially after this very weird last year including travel restrictions, the desire is finally vacation again to make it all the bigger.

Even if total freedom and independence sounds tempting, the idea of traveling unaccompanied can still be intimidating. Will it be weird to sit alone in a restaurant? What if I get bored? How to deal with when I feel lonely

Together with mental coach Roman Braun ( we have put together some exciting information and important tips on how to best prepared for the solo trip, what you can do when you feel lonely and what the famous “self-discovery trip” is all about.

Why do people travel alone?

"A trip alone creates the opportunity to experience yourself anew without the influence of other people," says Braun. In everyday life we are usually surrounded by work colleagues, friends, family or partners around the clock. "So you ask yourself who you are beyond being a fellow human being is. The vacation alone offers a good framework to get to the bottom of this question and to deal with your own self-discovery."

traveling alone, backpacking, solo travel, traveling, holiday
traveling alone, backpacking, solo travel, traveling, holiday

What preparations do you have to make?

At the beginning you should be clear about two things: On the one hand, whether you are the type for traveling alone at all. Such a vacation is demanding some level of self-confidence, that cannot be developed "on the road". "This is about trusting oneself and being open to people from other cultures and new encounters. The priority is to have fun on the trip," said Braun. "On the other hand, you should Question the reason why you want to travel alone. If the thought is hidden behind this that you want to escape an already prevailing loneliness, I advise against such a trip - because it doesn't work."

Also, get to know the destination country, book at least the first accommodation from home and think about it Program for the first few days. Find cool museums or sign up for a surf course. This ensures anticipation and prevents boredom.

What type of vacation should you choose?

According to the experts, there is no such thing as "the one" perfect holiday destination. It depends on the individual personality which trip harmonizes with the respective character traits. who the Tranquility of natureand longs for seclusion, you will not be happy on a classic beach holiday by the sea with many tourists. For those who enjoy nature, a camping or hiking holiday would be a more suitable choice. However, those who like to surround themselves with other people on the solo trip and to meet new people a city trip will offer the ideal break from everyday life. "If you are unsure about your travel destination, the 'self-modeling' model can help," advises Braun. "You're thinking of your three happiest vacation moments back - you plan your next trip on the basis of these experiences."

What is the best accommodation to book?

Of course, that also depends primarily on personal preferences. No matter whether you treat yourself to a stay in a luxury hotel or book a small apartment - it is important that you feel good. By the way, hostels are ideal for single travelers because you are automatically surrounded by other people of different age groups, some of whom are also traveling alone. Getting to know new people is so easy.

If you think of a run-down building with huge dormitories when you think of "hostel" - don't worry! There are now a lot of beautiful, modern hostels in which you can book your own room, by the way.

Digital detox - but in moderation

Get out of everyday life, into adventure and just be offline. Completely understandable and of course to be recommended - after all, it is not the point of the matter to drive away alone and only then to hang on to Instagram & Co. Still you should don't do without your cell phone entirely - inform someone at home about your travel route and contact you regularly so that your loved ones know that everything is okay. If you don't want to fall into the social media trap, simply delete the apps from your mobile phone for a certain period of time.

What to do when you feel lonely

"If you go on a trip alone, it can happen that you are lonely at certain moments or on some days," says Braun. Nevertheless, you shouldn't pick up your mobile phone in the first second and check social media to see what your friends are doing at home. "Because you go not without reason on a solo trip ", so brown. "You want to experience something new and find yourself." A little tip that will help against sudden loneliness: "Find one familiar favorite place on your journey, on which you like to stay and which gives you security as an anchor of strength. It doesn't matter whether it's a small café, a cozy park bench or a lively promenade."

Those who travel unaccompanied are not automatically left to their own devices all the time. After all, making new acquaintances is an enormous asset. "For that you have to out of your own comfort zonemove out, "says Braun." This works in very common situations such as eating in a restaurant or waiting for the next bus. There is no need for thoughtful sayings for this. All you have to do is ask, 'Which food can you recommend me?', 'How do I best get to …?', 'Are you going to …?' and conversations arise. If you spend a large part of your vacation on your mobile phone, you deprive yourself of many unforgettable experiences."

Afraid of boredom?

"For people who have a lot of appointments and are constantly pressed for time, boredom can be unsettling," explains Braun. What you should do according to the expert: You sit out the boredom. Sit down and do nothing. Just look into the air. "You wait and let yourself be surprised what moves you after a certain period of time and what impulse comes from within. In such a moment, self-discovery can happen." Because you are not from the outside - controlled by stimuli and offers that pour in on you. "A solo trip gives you the time to experience yourself. When you face the state of boredom and the 'dopamine detox', you can learn a lot about yourself."

Keyword self-discovery trip …

"You can find yourself by stepping off the everyday hamster wheel. A holiday without an escort creates the space to ask yourself: Who am I?" away from my schedule?Who am I if the employee of the company is not xy? Not mother or father, not a spouse or best friend? ", Braun sums it up again.

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