"I don't like children"
"I don't like children"

Do you have to like children? Do you have to automatically go into ecstasy when you look into a stroller? Or should a baby even care?

Annoying kids
Annoying kids

“To be honest: I just think kids are stupid. All of my friends are having children. They hold them out to me in the hope that the switch will finally be thrown for me. Then I do aunt Sarah stuff for five minutes and hand the child over again. Children don't touch me. Then I shouldn't do one either, should I?"

An outcry went through the social networks and the moderator had to endure a lot of abuse. This is a statement that is being heard more and more frequently. Maybe not necessarily in front of the camera or in front of new parents, but one that cannot be denied.

I have no children myself. And don't want any. I don't hear a biological clock ticking, have never been touched or delighted by the sight of photos or real-time babies, and I don't feel any need to expose further life to this world.

The phrase "I don't like children" has probably never crossed my lips. But probably "I can't do anything with children". I like most of the children I know better. But there are just as well specimens where this is definitely not the case. Just like with adults.

Generalizations such as "I like all children" are just as difficult for me to gain. This is reinforced by society's expectation that children are great in themselves. But I don't think people are great in themselves, unless they are kind, helpful or respectful, for example. Points that do not seem to find much space in some upbringing and therefore more and more children exist that encourage one that children are annoying in themselves.

With my clear desire not to have children, I often encounter incomprehension. However, I can understand that for many parents, their offspring is the greatest happiness. But I would be happy if they accept that this is simply not the case for me.

What are you saying? Do you think Sarah Kuttner's direct statement is good? Have you already thought or said something similar? Do you have to like children? Why? Or why not?

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