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Body Positive: More self-love to look at
Body Positive: More self-love to look at

No, it is not always easy to love yourself. Especially in the perfect Instagram world. Why you should know these body positivity accounts:

Body Positive: More self-love to look at
Body Positive: More self-love to look at

Please, that critical look in the mirror. The dents on the thighs, the puff on the hips, the narrow mouth, the too soft bosom, the first wrinkles. We women have a real flaw: that is, that we see our flaws above all else.

Self love. That sounds so wonderful, but it's not that easy at all. Mainly because from the outside it is suggested to us again and again what perfection should look like. That has only increased since the success of Instagram. Instead of models, it is now supposedly "normal" women who are draped with perfect hair / body / clothing in perfect apartments / on beaches.

Only more perfect people with perfect lives. But there are also the others: those who photograph reality. In a way that recognizes beauty in everyday life and makes authenticity a tangible model.

Because where honesty is fun again, perfection suddenly becomes boring. And that's exactly why we recommend these body positivity accounts on Instagram. These women learned to love themselves!

Self-love: You should follow these body positivity accounts on Instagram

Morena Diaz

Morena is actually a teacher in Switzerland - but one of the body positivity role models on Instagram. "Why shouldn't I show myself in a bikini on Instagram just because I have a small tummy?", She asks completely rightly. The teachers' association in her canton has criticized her permissive postings. But that only spurs Morena on: "I want to set an example against body shaming with my pictures." Good this way!

Mama Caxx

What a beautiful woman! The influencer Cacsmy Brutus (aka "Mama Caxx") fell ill with cancer at the age of 14. Her leg had to be amputated, and Cacsmy has had a prosthesis ever since. But that didn't stop them. The blogger has already modeled for "Vogue" or "Cosmopolitan". Beauty, as Cacsmy shows, is not a question of supposed perfection.

Sophie Mayanne

Scars tell a story. It's not always the most beautiful memories - but those that shape us. Photographer Sophie Mayanne dedicates her Instagram account to the stories behind the healed wounds under the hashtag #behindthescars.


It's an unbelievably loving account: 4thribodies shows the rays of happy mothers. In this way, the fact that their bodies show stretch marks or sagging skin after the births of their children is skilfully left behind.

Ashley Graham

For us (and 5.3 million followers) one of the most beautiful women in the world: Ashley Graham. The model proves again and again that charisma and not the scales define beauty. If you scan the power woman's account, you will be overwhelmed by a flood of attractive images, which, with their sparkling joie de vivre and sexy charisma, will make you forget one or the other kilo too much.

Katie Willkox

Katie Willkox was once starved for the catwalk. But that not only harmed her body, but also her soul. Now she eats normally, is the mother of a daughter and, with her social movement “Healthy is the new Skinny”, has above all become a mouthpiece for an entire generation.

Corinna Pumm

Corinna is a "Curvy Model" and actress from Vienna. "I used to count a lot of calories, went on various diets and actually tortured my body as a result," she once told WOMAN. "I felt extremely gruesome eating." Today she eats a healthy diet, does sports - and shows herself confidently in lingerie on Instagram. "A change is underway," says Corinna. "Even lingerie labels recognize that a woman with curves is more likely to feel addressed if the model is also stronger."

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