5 reasons for the sweet chestnut
5 reasons for the sweet chestnut

Sweet chestnut, chestnut, sweet chestnut - 3 names for a delicious fruit and 5 reasons why it should definitely be in the menu.

5 reasons for the sweet chestnut
5 reasons for the sweet chestnut

A real power snack

The small chestnuts are real vitamin donors. Above all, athletes and all those who have to do intellectual work should regularly eat chestnuts, as they provide us with calcium, vitamin C, amino acids and valuable B vitamins.

In addition, when the small brown fruit is eaten, the happiness hormone serotonin is released. This means that the chestnuts are not only healthy, but also an absolute good-mood snack for in between.


Calorie-conscious diet with chestnuts

A small bag of chestnuts is the value of a 4-course meal in terms of nutrients. In addition, sweet chestnuts are low in calories and therefore well suited to satisfy cravings. 100 grams contain just 200 calories and the low fat content of less than 2 percent is an extremely positive factor that speaks for the fruit.

With its high carbohydrate and starch content, it also makes you full quickly and, above all, over the long term.


Healthy for the heart and liver

It is no secret that the sweet chestnut can heal the body. For example, it rebuilds the body after injuries and operations and has a very calming effect on the entire nervous system. They also increase performance when cooked. But chestnuts are also extremely important for the body when raw. Because raw chestnuts as granules help the heart and burnout. When processed into honey, they have a very positive effect on supporting the liver.

And if you use chestnuts as a steam bath or sauna material, you can alleviate rheumatic complaints and sleep disorders and improve your bad mood.


Any allergies? No problem

In addition, chestnuts are very basic and help counteract excess acidity in the body.


Versatile processing: sweet and salty

Chestnuts are an absolute insider tip, and not just as a small snack in between. They are extremely versatile to process, either roasted and fried in the oven, boiled in water or in the form of delicious soups, combined with red cabbage as a side dish, as a filling for meat and roasts, but also as a dessert in cream, tart and cake form. Glazed, coated with chocolate or candied, you should definitely try the chestnuts. With so much to choose from, there is something for everyone!

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