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These are the 17 most beautiful baby names with a B
These are the 17 most beautiful baby names with a B

Are you currently looking for the perfect baby name for your child? It's difficult to find the right name - but here you have the 17 most beautiful names with B!

baby names with b
baby names with b

Many of us have a name or two stored in our hearts that we will want to give to our children at some point. But what if the gender doesn't fit or you don't think the baby name is so beautiful anymore? This is why there is this list with the 17 most beautiful girl and boy names starting with the letter B!

The 17 most beautiful baby names starting with the letter B:


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Probably comes from "bella", meaning "beautiful". Other versions: Belinda or BĂ©line.


Origin: English

Meaning: A unisex name, means either "pale" or "black".


Origin: Latin

Meaning: "the blessed"


Origin: Italian, French

Meaning: A form of the Latin name "Beatrix". The name "Beatrix" was previously associated with the Latin word beatus; so one could translate the name as "the one who blesses". In fact, Beatrix has nothing to do with beatus, it is a modification of the name Viatrix. This is the feminine form of viator, "wanderer, pilgrim".


Origin: Arabic


Origin: Latin, Greek

Meaning: Means "foreign" or "foreign", but is also the name of St. Barbara, the protective helper in storms and storms.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Biblical first name: Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob. The Hebrew name "Ben-Jamin" is a combination of the elements ben ("son") and jamin ("south", "right hand").


Origin: French

Meaning: Bernadette is the feminine pet form of the French names Bernarda and Bernarde, the French feminine form of Bernard. Bernadette means something like "the little strong as a bear".


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Comes from the words "boru" (dt. Fight) and "slava" (dt. Fame)


Origin: Icelandic, Swedish

Meaning: birch


Origin: Italian

Meaning: "the white one"


Origin: French

Meaning: French form of Bianca


Origin: Arabic, Persian & Turkish (but also very popular in Hungary)

Meaning: Either the name goes back to the old Slavic word "belo" (dt. White) or to Adalbert (dt "the noble one").


Origin: Old English with Latin roots

Meaning: Comes from "baili", which means bailiff or bailiff and is a modification of an old English surname


Origin: German

Meaning: "The brown one" or "The bear"


Origin: English

Meaning: Invented name from "Game of Thrones" - goes back to Benjamin.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Goes back to the place name "Brothaigh", which probably means "dig".

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