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How to teach your daughter to love her body
How to teach your daughter to love her body

As a parent, you always want the best for your child - so here are a few tips on how to help your child not become your own enemy and instead accept yourself with all of your great imperfections.

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How to teach your daughter to love her body
How to teach your daughter to love her body

If you look at your own child with pride as a mother, there is hardly anything or even a part of the body that you do not find beautiful in it. But thanks to all the images in the most varied of media of perfect beauties, which do not exist in real life without Photoshop, many adolescents have a misconception of what a body or a person "should look like" from a very early age. The consequences: Eating disorders, insecurities and much more that you definitely do not wish your beloved daughter or son!

5 tips from a mother to all mothers to help their children learn to love their bodies

Brittany Gibbons has a young daughter and wanted to give her the necessary self-confidence and confidence in herself to protect her from all these negative consequences. She published her tips on Huffington Post and we wanted to share a few of them here:


Keep telling your child how great, creative, brave, funny, clever, and wonderful they are. Be careful not to use (only) words like "beautiful" and "pretty" in order not to reduce the compliments to the looks.


Also run around naked at home and show your child how normal it is and that you never have to be ashamed of your body.


Tell him or her that everyone deserves friendship, family, love and all the possibilities in life. No matter how you look.


Enjoy food. Try out a wide variety of dishes together, try all kinds of foods and enjoy them. Food is definitely not a bad enemy, it is essential for survival and, on top of that, simply delicious!


Children are extremely attentive to what happens around them. So set a good example and love your own body! After all, he gave you this beautiful child!

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