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Workshop: finally learning to understand your cat
Workshop: finally learning to understand your cat

Cats do what they want anyway: Right - but at least they usually tell you beforehand. Very few can understand their beloved pet. But a new practical workshop for all cat households should help.

Learning to understand cats
Learning to understand cats

16 different sounds, paired with extensive facial expressions and gestures, should actually be enough to communicate: the cat wiggles its tail - and is stressed. The person you live in does not understand you. He may even be happy about the "waving" as a sign of apparent joy and thus only reveals his ignorance.

Therefore, the officially confirmed cat behavior consultant Petra Ott, state-certified animal keeper, cats blogger and author, has set herself the task of translating the (body) language of your favorite pet as a mobile service for all Austrian cat households. In Austria alone there are 1.4 million cats at home. Ascending trend. "It pays to understand them better and better," says Petra Ott from her experience with two cats of her own.

In 2016, in addition to her work as a mobile coach, she founded her aCATemy, in which she successfully trains certified cat coaches, and is now opening it to all cat friends. Just in time for school autumn, she starts with workshops for everyone and every woman. A distance learning course can also be booked.

Can i raise cats? This is how I click it to my cat:

On September 30th, for example, “clickers” is on the program. If this movement training means comfortable physical exercise for the cat and an increase in fitness, humans can teach it certain behaviors at the same time. A click always means that the cat has done something right and is rewarded with a treat. Speaking of delicacies: Also on September 30th, the nutrition workshop will focus on species-appropriate raw feeding.

ABC in cat lingo

And what does the cat actually talk all day now? On October 13th, the ABC of cat language is on the program. If three hours of body language training are not enough for you, you can study feline communication on October 27th. At the end of the day, the cat should at least wink with one eye when greeting - then it will smile. If she winks with both eyes, everything is fine. At least in the short term.

If she finally understands her person, this is still not the case with the dog that is also in the house. Dog and cat’- is that also possible peacefully? A workshop on November 4th will explain this. There is also an appointment in September: on September 29th.

And in an emergency, there is also a lot to know. On November 10th, veterinarians will give a lecture on first aid.

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