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17 baby names inspired by Disney movies
17 baby names inspired by Disney movies

Are you looking for ideas of what name to give your baby? How about some inspiration from Disney movies? And no: Pocahontas is not there;-).

17 baby names inspired by Disney movies
17 baby names inspired by Disney movies

Finding the right name for the child - this is what mothers and fathers are concerned with as soon as the gender of their baby has been determined. It should be a name that you can't spoof, that sounds nice (not only if you are a toddler) - and that not every second child in kindergarten bears.

We therefore looked for inspiration for baby names - in the most beautiful Disney films in recent years. Minnie and Micky would of course be classics, Pocahontas unusual … but: we want to stay realistic. Nobody wants to be called "Pocahontas Navratil" or be teased as "Mickey Mouse" at school.

But there are also Disney names that are really adorable.

The most beautiful baby names from Disney movies

  • "Nala" from "The Lion King": A lovely girl's name.
  • "Bruce" from "Finding Nemo": Will definitely be a vegetarian. Certainly.
  • "Sebastian" from "The Little Mermaid": a little shy - but: he makes it out of his shell.
  • "Jasmine" from "Aladdin": A radiant, beautiful personality.
  • "Oliver" from "Oliver & Co.": What a survival instinct!
  • "Elsa" from "The Ice Queen - Totally Unabashed": Nobody stands up for her sister more than she does.
  • "Andy" from "Toy Story": Has the seal of approval from Buzz and Woody!
  • "Tiana" from "Kiss the Frog": Warm-hearted, enthusiastic about music.
  • "Arthur" from "The Witch and the Wizard": If you want to give your baby a name that stands for intelligence AND strength.
  • "Colette" from "Ratatouille": If you want to start a food blogger!
  • "Ariel" from "The Little Mermaid": She loves the water, there is no doubt about that.
  • "Peter" from "Peter Pan": Who ever wants to grow up?
  • "Alice" from "Alice in Wonderland": Always curious - and full of imagination.
  • "Winnie" from "Winnie the Pooh": A name that a male bear bears (or does it?), but which we find delightful for girls.
  • "Flora" from "Sleeping Beauty": Born with a green thumb.
  • "Olaf" from "The Frozen - Totally Unabashed": It will melt girls' hearts!
  • "Giselle" from "Verwünscht": With her wonderful voice she will sing men crazy.

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