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These are the jobs of the future
These are the jobs of the future

Which professions will be in demand in the coming years and which skills do you need for them? You are on the road to success!

These are the jobs of the future
These are the jobs of the future

Times change and so do the opportunities on the job market. Together with a trend analyst, WOMAN has identified the most promising boom jobs:


Drone pilot. In a few years, it will be teeming with mini-flying objects. Training in mechanical engineering is good for planning and coordination.

Category Manager. Online shops are booming. This increases the demand for product group managers. Their task: pricing, calculation and planning of an assortment.

Food controller. The professional group develops, controls and processes new products.

Environmental technician. With this job you are doing something for the future of our planet. Analysts carry out measures, measurements and statistics. Health nurse. People are getting older, and there is an increasing need for care professions in every branch. However, additional qualifications are required: nothing works without coordination with technical aids.


One thing is clear: it would be wrong to only orientate yourself towards optimal opportunities. The job should be based on one's own talents and wishes. However, ongoing training or reorientation is becoming more and more important, a job until retirement is a thing of the past. A positive trend: there are no longer typical male and female jobs, equality is gaining ground more and more. And: Everything is moving in the direction of digitization, women are increasingly orientating their training in a technical or IT direction.

AUTOMATION. In the social area, the classic professions are being expanded and combined with technology. Because we are getting older and older and many do not want to go to the home later. For them there will be home systems for surveillance, à la Big Brother. They report a fall to the relatives or whether the stove has not been turned off. Startups developing these devices have great opportunities. Bank teller clerks will soon have had their day. In demand are data analysts who research the savings behavior of customers. As a marketing strategist you will always find a job, products or services want to be sold. And one thing is certain: it will not work without a human resource manager. The field of activity includes not only recruiting, but also work with existing employees: labor law, further development, training.

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