Application tips from the professional
Application tips from the professional

From now on, management consultant Anke van Beekhuis ( has the best tips about looking for a job, working with colleagues and dealing successfully with bosses once a week - this time: With this application I am guaranteed to be invited to an interview!

Application tips from the professional
Application tips from the professional

How do I best do it?

First of all, it should be said that cover letters are very often overrated. A headhunter or HR manager receives 100 to 200 applications for some positions. Few have time to pay attention to the writing. The résumé is much more important!

How do I structure the content of the résumé?

It should be tabular and structured and under no circumstances longer than three pages. This also helps the seeker to find you! So: start with the last job, plus company, duration of the employment relationship, job description and area of responsibility, for example TheRedHouse, June 2005 - now, management, 15 employees, budgeting, defining a strategic approach, introducing a new product from America, etc. You do that with every job you've had so far. Important: The most recent is at the top, the first you had at the bottom. Only then do you start your training, followed by the additional training.

What look do I give the résumé?

The layout of your documents is important. Remain factual and clear in your appearance and avoid too much color and gimmicks. They distract from the essential - namely from you. Better: Make it very simple and score points with competence. A photo is required! It is worth investing in a good portrait photo from a professional and not taking the passport photo. The higher the position sought, the more important the first impression. Tip: look into the camera with your head tilted slightly - and please smile! Everyone is happy about a little positive charisma. The clothing chosen should suit the business. A blouse is not always advantageous, but a blazer is. You decide whether it is sporty or elegant depending on the job.

What is in the application letter?

Anything that cannot be found in facts on the résumé, but is the reason for your application to the company. For example, describe your own way of working, what is particularly important to you and how you have developed over the years. Also tell why you are applying. What shouldn't be there as a reason: I found the advertisement on the Internet or in the newspaper. Nobody cares. Rather, think about a good start that allows the personalist to get a personal impression of you. How it should be, you decide!

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