Tips for the job interview
Tips for the job interview

As of now, management consultant Anke van Beekhuis ( has the best tips about looking for a job, working with colleagues and dealing successfully with bosses once a week - this time: This is how I get everything right at the job interview.

Tips for the job interview
Tips for the job interview

What etiquette do I have to adhere to?

Don't interrupt your counterpart

Never talk badly about your current or previous employer or about colleagues

Tell a few internals from your current work environment, this suggests a lack of loyalty to a company

Think carefully beforehand why you want to switch. If you get stuck with the question, you will definitely be followed up

Do I start talking or only when someone specifically asked me something?

It is best to use a mixture of answering questions and asking them yourself, this shows interest and preparation. If you notice that the conversation is a little more relaxed, you can also start the conversation selectively from yourself. But be careful: do not start chatting! You never know who the other person knows.

How do I sell myself? Relaxed, focused?

Of course, companies are looking for the egg-laying woolly milk pig. You should be relaxed at the right time, but also serious again and the whole thing exactly when you really want the job and are super nervous. It is best to practice the conversation beforehand in a kind of role play with yourself. This loosens up and takes away nervousness. There is hardly anything more uncomfortable than getting stuck with your own résumé or not being able to make a clear statement about "time out". Therefore: think about beforehand what the new employer wants to know from you and come up with quick-witted answers. Then practice this in self-talk. As well as sprinkling in knowledge that you have acquired over time. Example: "During my time abroad I met exciting people and was able to improve my repartee skills in this language."

What do I need to know about the company?

All you can get Check out media reports and the homepage. If you are applying for a management position, take a look at the company structure in advance.

What is the most effective way of expressing my salary expectations?

Direct and not hesitant. Before the interview, think about how much you would like to have. Also, research how much the job is worth. Ask friends, co-workers, and other people what to ask for. Women sell on average 20 percent cheaper than male applicants! Are you too expensive but really want the job? Then consider a staggered program: about the first three months of an agreed salary, then top-ups or bonus payments. Important tip: Be open to different salary options!

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