Perfect style for the job interview
Perfect style for the job interview

From now on, management consultant Anke van Beekhuis ( has the best tips about looking for a job, working with colleagues and dealing successfully with bosses once a week - this time: Your perfect style for the interview.

Perfect style for the job interview
Perfect style for the job interview

What is completely taboo in terms of clothing at the job interview?

The taboo depends on the respective corporate culture. Showing up at a sporting goods manufacturer wearing a suit, for example, may not be a very good idea. Sporty and elegant would be better. In any case, skirts that are too short or too tight, white (because always see-through) clothing, underwear that is visible or shining through are taboo. Just like open-hearted necklines (breast folds must not be visible!), Dirty or damaged clothing, leggings, flip-flops, chipped shoes, damaged handbags. And choose elbow-length sleeves instead of tank tops.

On the other hand, which outfit choice am I never wrong?

With a blazer that you can combine classically or sportily. It's best to wear a top underneath, that's enough and doesn't make it too sweaty. Depending on your mood, you can wear the blazer with a skirt, trousers, dress or jeans (if the industry allows it). Classic suits or costumes (gray, black) with a blouse quickly look boring. Many people don't like this style either, so watch what suits you personally. And when it comes to a trouser suit or costume, please combine it with something colorful, like a silk top. Basically: Please do not disguise, but adhere to the company's visible dress code. After all, the first impression is the outer one.

Sneakers or high heels? Or something completely different from a footdress?

Only high heels if you can walk with them. Mid-height shoes go well with a skirt or trousers and in combination with a blazer they make you look competent. And with a little heel, you walk much more upright, i.e. with your head held high. Flat shoes - ballerinas, sneakers, … - however, entail a sloppy gait and posture. Boots are of course also allowed, but overknees are better avoided.

And how much jewelry and make-up is trendy?

Less is more. With the accessories you can show your style. The jewelry is intended to support clothing or to attract attention. You can either use small earrings and a chain. Or a watch, a ring and a chain. But more is not allowed. It's similar with make-up: less is more. Beware of wearing any makeup that you would otherwise never use. Too much acts as a mask very quickly. Another important point is perfume. Never apply shortly before an appointment! After all, everyone has a different feeling about what smells good and what doesn't. Apply it two to three hours in advance, and you'll smell good too, but won't bother anyone.

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