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This is how you lead your team to success as the boss
This is how you lead your team to success as the boss

Management consultant Anke van Beekhuis ( knows how to best motivate your employees.

Boss and her team
Boss and her team

What is the ideal working relationship with my team?

You know a lot about your employees, including personal circumstances, ideas and goals. At the same time, they trust you and have respect. You are also good at dealing with direct guidelines.

Important: Conversely, the team should know little about your private life because it is often overwhelming for them. After all, you are the role model and you have to lead. Anything that distracts from it makes life as a boss more difficult. It doesn't fit when your employees know that you have family problems or the like.

In which areas are requirements mandatory?

For many they are negative, but they are so important to achieve goals. Specifications give your employees the freedom of action in which they are allowed to move. After all, everyone needs clearly defined limits. Where this does not exist, misinterpretations and misunderstandings arise later. Decide for each and every one how many specifications are required for the respective task. If someone works very independently, it is sufficient to mention the desired result and to set the time frame. If someone works inflexibly and prefers to work according to a scheme, just make more specifications. In any case, it is important to have the confidence that everyone will do well. Your team is just as good as you lead it. The clearer you are when setting the framework, the clearer the result will be.

How do I get the most out of all of us?

Involve your team and get to know the respective way of working. If you have 2,000 employees, you just have to know the managers well. So: You get the maximum out of it when you know this from everyone. The involvement in the assignment of project tasks can be very helpful because your employees know exactly where their strengths are. Think about who you want to be where you can then lead the discussions.

As soon as a goal has been met, my team has been successful …

… there’s a party with my team.

… I praise my employees.

… I analyze how each and every one of them worked and whether he or she was deployed correctly. Make notes so that you can better assess the strengths and weaknesses of the next projects and deploy your team accordingly. During the analysis you will also recognize your own mistakes, which can be avoided in the future. Evaluation is the way to get the most out of your team, to improve yourself and to avoid stress.

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