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Michelle Obama now has a podcast - and you have to listen
Michelle Obama now has a podcast - and you have to listen

In the first episode, Michelle invites husband Barack Obama for an intimate talk. And what shall we say? We can learn a lot from them …

The Michelle Obama Podcast is now available on Spotify
The Michelle Obama Podcast is now available on Spotify

As the US First Lady, we still miss Michelle Obama. And anyway, almost every day we feast on the wisdom of her book and the many interviews in which she explains life and the world to us with determination and honesty. Now she is starting a new era with her podcast "The Michelle Obama Podcast" (to be found on Spotify). And we are incredibly happy.

The video trailer for Obama's new podcast

In her podcast, Michelle Obama speaks to her family, close friends and mentors about personal issues. In the first episode, the former first lady greets her husband Barack Obama. Together they offer personal insights into their everyday life after the presidency and the important role community plays in their lives.

The two also chat casually about the upbringing of their daughters, the crazy time during the quarantine and their relationship. You won't get any closer to our favorite couple. Our tip: Write down, learn, and hope to find a similar partnership one day …;-)

You can listen to the episode with Barack Obama right here

Other interviewees in the coming episodes include Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson, her mother Marian Robinson, the comedian Conan O’Brien, the lawyer Valerie Jarrett and the journalist Michele Norris. The nine episodes of the podcast include the following topics and guests:

  • Episode 1: Community with Barack Obama
  • Episode 2: Self in the time of Covid with Michele Norris
  • Episode 3: Women's Health with Dr. Sharon Malone
  • Episode 4: Siblings with Craig Robinson
  • Episode 5: Girlfriends with Dr. Sharon Malone, Kelly Dibble, and Denielle Pemberton-Heard
  • Episode 6: Marriage with Conan O’Brien
  • Episode 7: Mentorship with Valerie Jarrett
  • Episode 8: Mentees with Chynna Clayton, Yene Damtew, and Kristin Jones
  • Episode 9: Kids with Mrs. Robinson and Craig

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