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We asked our grandmas about their beauty tricks
We asked our grandmas about their beauty tricks

Grandmas are the best. And they know exactly how to keep the skin velvety and the hair shiny. We asked her about her beauty secrets.

7 beauty tricks and wisdom from our grandmas
7 beauty tricks and wisdom from our grandmas

Grandmas aren't just the best, they're pretty much always right. Especially when it comes to beauty, we can take a few things from our grandmothers. After all, they have been busy with care, skin and hair for a long time and know how to achieve great things with little money.

That's why we asked our favorite grannies about their beauty secrets and tricks so that we can all benefit from them!

The 7 best beauty secrets from our grandmas

1. Never forget your neck

Mariedl grandma, 86

"If I've learned something in Grandma's bathroom over the years, it's that you should never, NEVER, forget your neck while applying lotion. That's when you see your age first. And Mariedl-Grandma has to know After all, the good girl is now 86, still doesn't have gray hair and fewer wrinkles than I did with my 29. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a secret trick for the hair. 'It's the genes', she says …"

2. Perfume is the best accessory

Nagyi grandma, 79

"Without a good perfume, my grandma would never go out. Her secret: To freshen up in between, she fills her favorite perfume into a mini atomizer. This is how it smells from morning to night! She discovered her love for fragrances as a young woman. At that time she dreamed of one day owning a Chanel N5 bottle, but since she lived in socialist Hungary, she had to wait a long time and, above all, save money before she could go on a trip abroad, when she finally got the perfume in the Paris gallery Holding Lafayette in her hands, she almost cried for joy. Today she switched to Chanel Chance, but one thing is still true: if she could choose, she would give up every single beauty product for a good perfume."

3. Drink, drink, drink

Inge-Grandma, 83

"The charm of aging … Inge-grandma swears by cider. Well, if it helps …;-) I prefer tap water … and one or the other champagne!"

4. Ice cubes

Candy grandma, 78

"Even my grandma doesn't always wake up well rested in the morning. Her trick that I loved as a small child? Almost every morning she works her night-swollen eyes and cheeks with ice cubes. This not only conjures up a healthy blush on the face, you actually feel more awake afterwards!"

5. Moisture - but only in the morning

Resi-grandma, 78

"Grandma relies on moisturizing cream for her skin. So far, so unspectacular. But she only uses the cream in the morning. In the evening, after cleansing, she doesn't leave anything on her face so that the skin can 'breathe'."

6. Lip care - on DIY

Andorfer grandma, unfortunately already deceased

"My grandmother wasn't really a vain lady, she actually never put on make-up either. But she loved wearing a surprisingly eye-catching lipstick. So that it comes out particularly well on her lips, she took care of them meticulously. But not something with expensive care sticks. Every evening she smeared a thin layer of honey on her mouth. That she never licked it off, I still don't understand!"

7. No need for curling iron

Grandma Elisabeth, 81

"Grandma's hair is always perfectly styled. As a little girl I always wanted her hairstyle - and sometimes she took the time to do it. Because there weren't enough curlers left for me, she always wrapped my long, damp hair around old drinking cans, then attached them with bobby pins and slowly blow-dried my hair.

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