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Bad weather program: 7 things to do on the weekend - alone or with family
Bad weather program: 7 things to do on the weekend - alone or with family

Hiking on golden autumn days will literally fall into the water this weekend. 7 leisure tips to make your weekend perfect.

Bad weather program: 7 things to do on the weekend - alone or with family
Bad weather program: 7 things to do on the weekend - alone or with family

Admittedly, we were pretty spoiled by Indian summer the last few weeks. Now it's a rainy weekend and suddenly we realize: that's it for summer. Instead of desperately mumbling into the ceiling and watching 10 hours of Netflix, we've found a few ways to spend the next few days sensibly. By the way, if you prefer to rest and watch films - here we have a few Netflix tips for you.

1. Try an online yoga class

Always wanted to start with yoga? Or do you already have experience, but feel more comfortable at home right now? All you need is a mat and comfortable clothes. Here we have listed the best YouTube yoga classes. And here we show you a few yoga exercises that strengthen the immune system.

2. Go out anyway

Even if it seems uncomfortable at first glance, a few steps in the fresh air are incredibly good. As long as the temperatures don't drop below 10 degrees, a walk with an umbrella and the right shoes is not that bad. If you have space and a roof, you can easily organize a campfire. By the way, this is how you get the kids to the door. Tip: In the forest, you hardly notice the fine drizzle. Here is the reason why you should "forest bathing" again.

3. Take a full bath

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it: Baths in Epsom salt should not only improve the skin, but also detoxify it. We have already tried it and can say one thing: It makes you incredibly tired. The use of normal base salts is just as good.

4th cocktail hour

Regardless of whether you are sitting down with your loved ones or planning an online conference: Mixing cocktails at home is incredibly fun! Here we have some recipes for you:

  • Most sparkling summer drink of all time: Royal Plum
  • Moscow Mule is that easy
  • Summer cocktail from Cyprus: Brandy Sour

5. Journaling

If you can't get used to meditation at all and are still looking for a way to calm down, you can try writing. Just write down 10 things for which you are currently grateful or three small goals that you would like to achieve in the next few weeks. Sometimes, however, it also helps to simply write from your soul what is on your mind at the moment. If you find it difficult to write on blank pages at first, you will find some books that help with so-called "journaling":

6. Read the new WOMAN

In stores since Thursday - the new WOMAN is here! With all WOMAN DAY vouchers and lots and lots of reading material. You can also look forward to these and many more stories:

  • Kristina Inhof on Dancing Stars
  • Karim El-Gawhary on War & Peace
  • Marcus Wadsak on climate change
  • Klaus Albrecht Schröder on love
  • Daniel Glattauer on money and success
  • Sophie von Kessel on the power of womanhood

7. Mucking out

A minimalist lifestyle has a number of advantages: You can find your stuff faster, everything looks tidy and the tidiness in the apartment gives you a better overview of the things that you have and actually use. In other words: in the future you will arm yourself against bad purchases. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to properly clean up here.

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