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These Swedish girl names are so cute
These Swedish girl names are so cute

From Maja to Ilvy - Swedish first names for girls are usually short and beautiful. Here you can find our 30 favorites!

Swedish girl names
Swedish girl names

Sweden not only has super-stylish furniture, but also pretty first names for girls. Fun fact by the way: "Ikea" is even allowed as a first name in Germany. If you look around the Swedish royal family, you will see that every single princess has a name that sounds like something out of a Disney film: Victoria, Estelle or Madeleine. So if you are still looking for a girl name for your baby, you should take a look at this list:

1. Malin

2. Sessa

3. Lykke

4. Linnea

5th Fri

6. Madita

7. Anea

8. Hilda

9. Ella

10. Elsa

11. Ilma

12. Ilvy

13. Maya

14. Lil

15. Nelma

16. Olea

17. Majlena

18. Synni

19. Annika

20. Valina

21. Yrla

22. Yva

23. Alice

24. Lilly

25. Finja

26. Wilma

27. Victoria

28. Estelle

29. Zoe

30. Hedda

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