What does your world cost? Assistant to the management about her account balance
What does your world cost? Assistant to the management about her account balance

How high is your salary - and how well can you make ends meet? Questions that nobody likes to answer. We have included them in our WOMAN money series anyway, because transparency is important! This time an assistant to the management Beatrice Batini describes her financial situation.

What does your world cost? Assistant to the management about her account balance
What does your world cost? Assistant to the management about her account balance

Money is a taboo subject for many. One reason why grievances and disadvantages cannot be better combated. In our salary check, women talk openly about their income and expenses and say how difficult it is for them to divide their budget optimally. This is also the case with single parent Beatrice Batini, 43. The native Italian came to Vienna in 1998, "actually to study Slavic Studies. Then I stayed because of love." After graduating, Beatrice found a job in the event sector: "It was a great time, but in 2005 my relationship broke up." Two years later she found a new love and became pregnant after three months: "I quit to be there for the family." In 2012, however, the relationship with this partner also broke up - and he died a little later, so that Beatrice had to look after her daughter all by herself. Fortunately, after retraining by the AMS, she was quickly employed in a security technology company: "I enjoy my job. But it is not easy to get child, job and finances under one roof."



WOMAN: How much do you earn per month?

Batini: Currently gross of 1900 euros, net approx. 1600 euros including the family bonus that has been in effect since January. It actually helps a little. In comparison: until December 2018 I received 1,400 euros net.

How many hours do you work?

Batini: It is currently 30 hours.

Is there any other income?

Batini: Due to the death of her father, my ten-year-old daughter receives a half-orphan pension of around 200 euros. And of course I get the family allowance.

What are your fixed expenses?

Batini: I have to calculate with € 1,400 for rent, insurance, car, cell phone, internet and school fees. Food, clothing and travel are not included.

Do you have a private pension plan?

Batini: No, that doesn't work out with my budget.

Can you still manage to put money aside elsewhere?

Batini: Yes. I have home loan savings contracts. One is paid out every sixth year. With the last one I set up a new room for my daughter and financed larger purchases and vacations. Otherwise I will try to cover extra expenses with repayments from the tax office.

How much is left at the end of the month?

Batini: Nothing. I often have to resort to savings such as vacation and Christmas bonuses.

Are you satisfied with your salary?

Batini: Actually yes, although the company is looking for someone to represent my position. I'll probably have to cut it down to 25 hours. It's a shame, then I have to get by on 100 to 150 euros less a month.

Do you know how much your colleagues earn?

Batini: Yes, we exchange ideas.

Does your group of friends talk about your financial situation?

Batini: No.


What do you like to spend money on?

Batini: First and foremost for my daughter. She loves horse riding and has recently started taking piano lessons. So I bought her a keyboard to practice at home. That gives her a lot of pleasure. We also often do something together, take day trips that don't cost that much. Then we take bread from home and go into nature. We both like that. Fortunately, not everything that is fun costs a lot of money.

What would you like to have a bigger budget for?

Batini: It would be fantastic to be able to afford something nice to wear from time to time or just not have to constantly look at the price when shopping for groceries.

What do you think is your greatest luxury?

Batini: The car I bought with funding two years ago. If I didn't have one, I wouldn't be so flexible. I couldn't bring my daughter to her appointments either, I'd regret that most.

Would you say you are good at dealing with money?

Batini: I think I'm making the best of my situation.

Do you often have to go without something?

Batini: I always give up in favor of my child. But that's how I want it. From this point of view, it is not a waiver, rather a better "investment" than anything material. And a thank you or a smile is more valuable than any object anyway.

Would you rather earn more or work less and have more free time?

Batini: A slightly higher salary would of course be good, but I would be willing to work more for that. But on the other hand, I sometimes think that a little more free time for myself would be very nice for a change. Basically, my life is all about my daughter.

How important is work to you in general? How important is it in your life?

Batini: I am very grateful that I have a job that I also enjoy. But work comes third, after my child and my health.

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