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How real fur is sold to you as fake fur. And how do you distinguish them
How real fur is sold to you as fake fur. And how do you distinguish them

I'm sorry, what? Often real animal fur is actually hidden behind supposed fake fur. But with these tips you can tell the difference between fake fur and real fur!

How often real fur is sold to consumers as fake fur. And how you can differentiate these in business
How often real fur is sold to consumers as fake fur. And how you can differentiate these in business

Never. Never, never would you wear real fur! And then you have one in your closet - without even knowing it! Because some companies actually sell their goods as fake fur, but actually use real fur. Because, for example, marten fur from China is cheaper than artificially produced fake fur. And consumers are lied to.

But the extraction of fur is usually cruel. The animals are gassed, kicked to death, killed by electric shocks or skinned alive. More and more consumers are therefore making it a point to only buy faux fur. However, studies show: Far too often, customers are massively deceived - because real animal skin is often hidden behind the alleged fake fur.

The Austrian Animal Welfare Association explains: This happens even though in the EU fur and leather products (including small amounts of fur or leather) would have to be labeled with the note “Contains non-textile parts of animal origin”.

The price is not an indication: real fur is often cheaper than fake fur

In 2016, Stiftung Warentest examined several products with alleged artificial fur trimmings for their quality. The result: Five out of five items of clothing - including four coats and a hat - were decorated with unmarked real fur! Due to the strong chemical treatment of the parts, it was no longer possible to determine which animals the fur came from, but the fact is that customers who bought items of clothing with supposedly animal-friendly “fake fur” actually carried real animal skin home.

The goods examined in the study cost between 6 and 90 euros. When asked, the traders argued that real fur was by no means available at such a low price. However, cheap fur from China (the largest fur producer in the world) in particular is often cheaper to produce than artificial fur.

The fact that deception is even possible when buying fur is due to several factors:

  • Sellers are not adequately informed: In the study by Stiftung Warentest, test buyers were assured without exception that the products concerned were made of artificial fur. In truth, however, they unknowingly pushed real fur over the counter.
  • Carelessness: Some traders lack the time and budget to precisely trace their goods. If they then buy pieces with alleged faux fur trimmings for their shop, the dealers themselves may be duped - just like the customers, after all.
  • Lack of penalties for violations: Although the declaration of "non-textile parts of animal origin" is mandatory for manufacturers and traders and must not be misleading, irregularities are rarely punished

Real vs. fake fur: this is how you tell the difference

So if you can no longer rely on the label, then these tricks will help you to recognize whether you really have fake fur or real animal fur in front of you:


Stroke over the fur: Faux fur fibers can be swept in any direction - and stay where they are. In the meantime, real animal hair straightens up again and again.


Blow through the fur: If the fibers react little or not at all, it is almost certainly artificial fur, because artificial fur is generally stiffer than real fur.


Parting the fur: if a woven layer of fabric appears when the fur is pulled apart, it is artificial fur. If you come across continuous leather surfaces, you have real fur in your hand.


Burning test of the fur: The fire test also shows the difference. While faux fur melts into small balls and smells like plastic, the hair on real fur literally crumbles into dust. Attention: This sample should be taken with particular care and should never be left unattended or moved in a retail store. The possibility of the firing test is only for completeness.

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