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Yes, sometimes it has to be: This is how you take care of your winter jacket & coat properly
Yes, sometimes it has to be: This is how you take care of your winter jacket & coat properly

Jackets & coats keep us warm through the winter. And we would love to wear them again year after year. But that is only possible with the right care.

Wash winter coat
Wash winter coat

A walk through the snow, freezing rain or just a frosty wind on the way to work: when it's cold, we prefer to stay nice and warm. And often we are ready to spend a little more money on a decent winter coat. But then we have to be sure that we can use it for many years. And with the right care or the right wash cycle, that shouldn't be a problem:

Down jacket

The highlight of down is its fluff and you don't want to destroy it! For a long time, hand washing was therefore the only way of cleaning, but now the washing machine is also in the running.

Down jackets are washed on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees. One thing should always be kept in mind: Fabric softener is taboo on jackets and coats of all kinds, because the fabric softener covers the fibers and prevents the exchange of moisture.

Unfortunately, you shouldn't even try to wash a down jacket if you don't have a tumble dryer. The down and feathers stick together during washing and have to be fluffed up again. However, the dryer must not be too hot. A gentle program is best here. Professional tip: If you add one or two towels, they absorb the additional moisture and accelerate the whole process.

No fabric softener! The right down care product.

Wool coat

Wool coats are a little trickier. Some say that you shouldn't wash it yourself, but rather hang it in the shower so that it absorbs a little moisture. Then you should just let it dry again and all smells will be gone.

But if stains are involved, then the washing machine has to work. But please only try it yourself if the label recommends it! Again you choose a gentle cycle. It won't lose its shape so much in a large laundry net.

After the wash, you put the coat on a large towel and pluck it into shape. This is how you let it dry out. If you have the feeling that the towel has absorbed the moisture, you can finish drying the coat on a clothes hanger.

Fake fur coat

Here it is very important that you follow the care label. But if nothing stands in the way of machine washing, then you should definitely use a very gentle program and set the temperature to particularly cold. The power of the spin should also be low. A hand wash detergent is a good choice.

Turn the coat inside out and bag it up after washing. Then wrap in a large towel and apply gentle pressure so that the remaining moisture goes out. Let it dry lying down or hanging, but only hang it up when the coat is no longer dripping. Then the weight would change the shape.

Never throw in a dryer or use a blow dryer to help. It is best to dry the coat in the fresh air, which is why care should be postponed to a warm spring day.

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Functional jacket

The jackets with outer material and filling made of polyester are very easy to care for. You wash them (as always!) Without fabric softener and at 40 degrees. You are always right with a functional detergent. A sports program is perfect for this, because then the clothes are rinsed again. It is also important that the jacket is closed - so close all zippers.

Leave to air dry after washing. Only when the jacket is towel dry can you put it in the dryer with the gentlest possible method. But before you do that, you should definitely consult the label, because not all polyester blends can withstand the heat. Finally, spray with a suitable impregnating agent.

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