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Are you getting stuck in life? 7 things you can do right now
Are you getting stuck in life? 7 things you can do right now

Got stuck somehow? Don't be afraid to take a step forward!

why doesn't he talk to me
why doesn't he talk to me

"I'm kind of stuck," a phrase we've all heard before - but what does it actually mean? It probably best describes a phase in our life in which we don't really know where to go. Regardless of whether it concerns your job, your relationship or your whole life. One thing is certain: this ignorance is damn uncomfortable.

Be it family crises, relationship problems or simply small, big life changes that lead to this feeling: We humans need a certain structure, routine and security - this Wischi-washi state is therefore new territory for us.

We need direction and goals so that we can feel like our lives have a purpose and we can move forward - but what can we do when the "what happens next" decision hasn't really been made - or simply not by depends on us?

In these situations, our brain usually lets us make ill-considered short-circuit decisions in order to escape this wretched state. But that usually makes things worse.

The stupid? Fear of the future or uncertainty can almost paralyze us. This leads to depression, stress, and anxiety. We avoid taking risks, which in turn prevents us from doing the things we want to do. In addition, this state of suspension does not allow any control. So what to do How do we regain control of our lives? How can we get happier and less anxious?

7 things you can do NOW if you are unsure where your journey is going

1. Gather information

Information = knowledge = power. Find out what options and possibilities you have and exchange your fear for knowledge.

2. Talk about your fears

If you eat your fears into yourself, they will only end up growing. Talking about it diminishes them. Find a good therapist or talk to friends about your problems.

3. Talk to yourself

Talk to yourself. But please be positive. Positive affirmations can turn your fear into positive energy. Don't talk to yourself so strictly any longer!

4. Break it down

The big picture can be overwhelming. So for once, concentrate on the little things. So you no longer feel overwhelmed. What little things can you change? That gives you control back.

5. Expand your comfort zone

Take small risks every day. Make an awkward phone call, ask for help, or go to a new place. Step by step, your self-confidence will (again) increase.

6. Accept the unknown

Do not defend yourself against the inevitable. This state brings change and opportunities. It could lift you to the next level of your life and bring you closer to your goals.

7. Be proactive

Prepare as best you can for the changes that may come while accepting the reality of the moment. Think back to past challenges in your life and remember that everything will always be fine in the end!

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