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10 body shaming myths about fat women that just aren't true
10 body shaming myths about fat women that just aren't true

There are many (insulting) myths about being overweight that are simply not true. And you too have probably believed her until now …

10 body shaming myths about fat women that just aren't true
10 body shaming myths about fat women that just aren't true

"What kind of bad role model is she for her children?", "If only she would start exercising more …", "Why doesn't she just stop eating so much ??!" Are just a few of them Sentences that fat women can listen to from behind over and over again.

So let's get one thing straight: bodyshamening people who are overweight or obese doesn't help anyone

The relationship between a person's BMI (Body Mass Index) and their health is vague at best. In general, there are quite a few myths and misinformation about obesity and fat women that should be viewed from a different light …

And a little disclaimer at this point: We no longer want to connote the term "thick" negatively or as an insult and use it very deliberately in this text. "fat" is not a dirty word.

10 myths about obesity that are simply not true

1. Explain to fat women how to eat better

Many overweight people know very well about nutrition, calorie consumption, exercise and the like. As a fat man, you are reminded of it almost every day.

2. Fat people should simply do more exercise

Nonsense. Overweight and athletic are two things that go hand in hand. Many plus-size women * are * fit and move around a lot. The reason why you rarely see fat people on the treadmill? Is obvious. Hardly anyone voluntarily exposes themselves to condescending looks.

3. Thick ones are "easier to get"

Disgusting. Why does this myth even exist? We do not know it. All we can say is that a woman with a few pounds more on her hips is worth just as much as one with normal weight.

4. Fat people are bad role models for their children

Self-loathing and low self-esteem are bad role models for children - and a mother doesn't have to be overweight to pass these things on to her children. Try every day anew to love yourself and your children exactly as they are - no matter what their physique is - THAT is a good role model.

5. Fat people are generally unhealthy

The body shape says nothing about the state of health of a person. Blood tests, energy levels, and quality of life are a far better indicator. Yes, you can be overweight and healthy.

6. All fat women have food addiction

That is simply not true. People with binge eating disorder may be overweight, obese, or of normal weight. Period.

7. Fat people have no discipline

8. Fat women have no self-esteem

Many women have low self-esteem and problems with their looks - not because they are fat, but because the media keeps telling and showing them that they are not good enough. A slim waist does not make women immune to such thoughts.

9. Nobody marries a fat person anyway

Um. Just have a look.

10. Obese women need to go on a diet

Honestly? In fact, nobody should be on a diet. Diets that are too strict only mean that you end up weighing more than before. Much more important is to eat a healthy and balanced diet and to give the body all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function!

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