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Pimples after the intimate shave? Finally a silver bullet
Pimples after the intimate shave? Finally a silver bullet

Do you shave your bikini line and genital area? But do you keep getting pimples and ingrown hairs after the intimate shave? Our editor has found the ultimate product against razor burn and explains what else to look out for when shaving your intimate area!

Pimples after intimate shaving: This really helps with razor burn
Pimples after intimate shaving: This really helps with razor burn

I'm so in favor that we shouldn't care a bit about everything, especially when it comes to figure and body hair, but if hair removal is concerned, then at least that's right!

Anyone who, like me, is blessed with sensitive, fair skin and decent bristles, knows it: while my best friend gets off the bat with the already rusty disposable razor without foam against the direction of growth and then has the delicate skin of a newborn, my genital area is already getting better the mere sight of a five-fold-blade-over-razor that has been used more than once, red pimples and razor burn. Something else is beautiful. For a long time my hair removal ritual was therefore one thing above all else: time-consuming and expensive - and still always crowned with pimples in the bikini area.

Bump Patrol is the solution for pimples in the genital area

Some time ago, however, after years of desperate search, I discovered my personal miracle weapon. My life has been more beautiful since then. For real. I would go so far as to say that Bump Patrol is, next to my eyebrow gel, THE beauty product that I would no longer want to live without. It costs around ten euros online and is worth every penny. I use it after every shave and in between, if something should catch fire (which has really only happened sporadically since then).

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Razor burn and pimples after shaving: what really helps?

It is a type of after shave that was originally created for the sensitive skin of the face of men. In the meantime, however, it is mainly women who claim it for themselves. The product can also be used on the genital area, bikini line, legs and armpits. How do I use Bump Patrol?

  • Daily after the shower
  • Apply to the depilated area after shaving or epilating
  • Let dry briefly
  • Use baby powder if necessary

Small disclaimer: It's on fire. But really only for a second. And the result is so worth this small and brief pain. Since then, I rarely have one or the other ingrown hair and no longer have to limit myself to shaving infrequently.

no longer shave
no longer shave

Intimate shaving: You should pay attention to this

7 tips for the ultimate pimple-free shave


Sharp blade for wet shaving: Always use sharp blades. Cheap disposable razors are usually dull very quickly - so there is more of a risk of injuring yourself. Bacteria and germs can in turn penetrate these injuries. Pimples and inflammation are the result.


Proper care is mandatory: Special care creams after shaving help to relieve irritation. This can be our recommended product, or another one. Just try what feels best for you! Baby powder also has an antiseptic effect.


Try dry shaving: Doesn't all help? Maybe the wet shave is just not for you. Try a dry shave in the direction of growth. Some women (and men) just tolerate them better.


Fight inflammation: If you suffer from pre-existing pimples, a little tincture of iodine can help. However, if the inflammation persists, you should contact a dermatologist. This can cut open the pimple in an emergency and clean the wound.


Treat yourself to a break: Speaking of inflammation: give your skin a break every now and then so it can recover. Shaving over inflamed pimples will only make things worse …


Brazilian waxing & sugaring as an alternative: Brazilian waxing is a good alternative to classic shaving. Here, the hair in the genital area is removed with the help of hot wax, either entirely or only in part. However, the method is not pain-free: the hair and its roots are torn out, the skin reacts irritated and has to be treated with cooling afterwards. For Brazilian waxing you should definitely put yourself in the hands of professionals. The employees, so-called "depiladoras", are specially trained so that the intimate shave is as gentle as possible. The same goes for the sugaring method.


Never without shaving foam or shaving gel! Quickly shave over a small area in the hustle and bustle - without shaving foam or shaving gel? Yes, it happened to all of us before. But you'd better avoid that in the future. Thanks to the softening properties of foam and gel, the hair is cut off and not torn off and unsightly pimples have no chance. Another tip: If you don't have shaving cream around the house, use hair conditioner.

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