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AspUraclip in the test: I carried a mini inhaler under my mouth and nose protection
AspUraclip in the test: I carried a mini inhaler under my mouth and nose protection

Stuff behind the mask? A mini-breezer wants to change that. In three directions of smell! We have tested the aspUraclip for comfort and fragrance.

fabric mask scent
fabric mask scent

We got used to wearing masks pretty well over the course of the year. And - what is even more important than personal comfort - they work! Thanks to the mouth and nose protection, we can actively work to fight the corona crisis and show our respect for one another. But unfortunately the masks are not always in perfect condition or (and this is even more embarrassing to admit) we are not.

To be clear: Sometimes the mask stinks, or we do. Be it coffee breath or incorrect storage: In the end, days that are offensive to the sense of smell are not exactly pleasant. But there is a solution to this problem. And it sits in our nose and looks like a septum, i.e. a trendy nose piercing:

But a more pleasant scent is not the only goal of the aspUraclips: The mini-breezers in three odor directions are soaked with essential oils that have special properties:

  • Eucalyptus scent:for cold symptoms such as blocked airways
  • Lavender scent: has a relaxing effect and helps against headaches
  • (In stores from February 2021) Spearmint scent: for headaches and nausea

One pack contains two inhalers that can be worn for about three weeks. However, you should not exceed the wearing time of one to two hours a day. The highlight: You can wear the clips at any time, including under the mask. Two birds should be killed with one stone: a better smell & the pleasant properties of the corresponding oils.


How does the aspUraclip feel?

We - three editors - have tested the directions of smell and have to honestly say that it takes a lot of getting used to wearing a nose clip at first. Especially if you've never had a piercing. It takes a bit of tact to find the right fit. Some people can put the clip a little deeper into their noses than others.

How do the aspUraclips smell?

Of the Spearmint scent reminded me a bit of my childhood, when I spent time in the Zikrus over and over again. Strange association, perhaps, but by that I don't mean an unpleasant animal smell, but an earthy mixture of straw and sweets. Against it is Lavender clip consistently classic, but with a hint of citrus. And the Eucalyptus scent has something of a powerful chewing gum aroma.

How do the aspUraclips work?

First of all: the eucalyptus clip delivered the clearest "results": clogged noses don't stand a chance! At the same time, it is also the clip that you can only wear for a short time because it has such a strong scent. A colleague who used the lavender clip for headaches did not notice any direct improvement, but neither did it deteriorate. And the scent of spearmint is quite invigorating; like chewing gum!


The theory is clear: clip in the nose for easier breathing & a better scent. And the aspUraclips also do the same. Only: the anatomy makes a small dash through the calculation, especially since not every nose is built the same. For my nose, the Breezers are so "big" that they don't really make breathing easier. With a colleague, on the other hand, the clip fit like a glove and after a while she didn't even notice it. Ergo: just test it! And if it doesn't suit you, you can simply pass the second clip on to someone else (not the used one, of course!).

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