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The best French beauty tricks
The best French beauty tricks

Why do French women often look so perfect? What we learned: It's less about WHAT they do and more about what they DO NOT! Your best beauty tricks:

The best French beauty tricks
The best French beauty tricks

How do you achieve that look that we know from French women? This perfection, which is apparently easily achieved and almost incidentally? What we learned from the French make-up artist Violette: It's less about what French women do with their make-up - it's more about what they DO NOT do.

Violette is considered one of the stars of the French beauty scene. She gives the best models their perfect make-up during Fashion Week in Paris and is responsible for the looks of the biggest fashion editorials. The perfect expert to learn from her the best beauty tricks of the French women!

The French women’s best makeup tricks

1. No makeup on the bridge of the nose

If you want to achieve a natural look, then you should never apply makeup or foundation to the bridge of your nose. Because the nose is the center of the face, usually there are a few small freckles on the bridge of the nose. If the nose is covered with make-up, the entire face appears too flat and monotonous, and the dreaded "mask look" arises. Therefore: Avoid the bridge of your nose and you will immediately look like without make-up. If, for practical reasons, you do not spare your nose when applying the make-up, then simply wipe the narrow bridge of the nose with a cosmetic cloth.

2. No lipstick on your teeth

French women love red lipstick. But for some reason they never have lipstick on their teeth. The trick: as soon as you have applied it, you put a finger on your teeth and press your lips briefly afterwards. In this way, the excess color is absorbed by your finger and does not get on your teeth … To make the lipstick even more durable, briefly press your lips onto a cosmetic tissue and apply the color again (repeat finger trick!).

3. The smoky eyeliner

Violette showed on Instagram how she uses her eyeliner to make up the perfect cat eye - with this wonderfully elongated, pointed wing that we always wiggle or screw up with our shaky fingers. The amazing thing: Violette smears the eyeliner a little with her fingertips to achieve a smoky effect - and: She not only applies the eyeliner OVER the eyelashes, but also BETWEEN the eyelashes to open the eye wider and restore the tired look to make it more radiant.

4. Highlighter for a fresh complexion

A complexion that is too dull does not look fresh, it looks tired. To make your skin look shiny and well-moisturized, you can use highlighter to do a little tricky work. Simply apply a little bit of product (always be careful not to use TOO much) on the cheekbones, Cupid's bow, the tip of the chin, the browbone and the inner corners of the eyes. The light is reflected, you look fresher, more unvarnished and - more radiant!

5. Instant Smokey Eyes

You had a long day in the office, but you have to go to an event right away? If you have a creamy eye shadow application stick, you can conjure up smokey eyes in no time in a taxi. First, apply a little Bronzener to the cheekbones, hairline and chin line to bring some color back to the face. Then use a black eyeshadow pencil to emphasize the lid on the lash line and blend it nicely with your fingers. Refine with metallic eyeshadow pencil. Perfect!

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