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Fashion that is produced especially for you? Amazon makes it possible
Fashion that is produced especially for you? Amazon makes it possible

Stylish, trend-oriented and strictly limited - we think what online giant Amazon has created with its fashion brand "The Drop" is great. And now? First be quick!

Fashion & fashion trends from influencers: we love
Fashion & fashion trends from influencers: we love

Do you shop cheaply and still wear individual styles that not every second person at the supermarket checkout wears? Difficult. Unless you have a good feel for second-hand shopping. Online giant Amazon is now at least making it easier for us: With their new fashion brand "The Drop", they are bringing fashion onto the market that is not only absolutely stylish and trend-oriented, but also very limited. The designs are only available for 30 hours.

Very limited and only produced on request: Amazon's "The Drop"

The collections of "The Drop" themselves are inspired by current street styles and fashion trends and are even designed by influencers and bloggers. The best? The designs are only produced on request - this minimizes excess and satisfies the sustainability concept.

Where can I buy "The Drop"?

You can then shop for the parts using the Amazon app or your mobile browser at The second collection from "The Drop" can still be requested until midnight on August 7th.

"The Fashion Guitar x The Drop" is what the new Amazon collection looks like

This time, no one less than the influencer "The Fashion Guitar" alias Charlotte Groeneveld is responsible for the 14 trend pieces. With a price range of 13-70 euros, the garments are also more than affordable. What's waiting for you? Maxi and mini dresses, biker shorts, other pants and lots of pastel. As the blogger herself says: "This collection is everything you need for summer 2019!"

But enough talk - we in the editorial team have already struck, but you should be quick, because the countdown is tireless!

Our 3 favorite pieces from "The Fashion Guitar x The Drop":

By clicking on the pictures you can buy the products right away!

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