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Fashion must-have: mesh pumps by Bottega Veneta
Fashion must-have: mesh pumps by Bottega Veneta

This season the spotlight is on our shoes in particular. Trending topic par excellence: square shoe tips. True to the motto: the more angular, the better!

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Hyped network pump from the luxury brand Bottega Veneta
Hyped network pump from the luxury brand Bottega Veneta

Yes-yes, we already understand! We are more than aware that shoes with square soles are the latest craze this year. However, we only recently knew that a single pair of pumps ensures that bloggers, influencers and, in any case, the entire fashion industry are currently raving about it.

Stretch mesh pumps by Bottega Veneta

What exactly is it about? Around a shoe made of mesh fabric with a square toe and adorned with a delicate chain. Takes getting used to, but of course for all fashionistas and fashion lovers at the moment something that should not be missing as a must-have in their wardrobes!

What does the little foot joy cost? With 690 euros absolutely not a bargain and - once again - only reserved for those who either earn really well, are sponsored by the label themselves or have an uncanny talent for saving. For all normal mortals a rather unrealizable dream made of mesh in combination with calfskin.

I'm not saying that now, because I count myself among the said normal mortals and will probably never be able to afford such expensive shoes … But on closer inspection, the filigree chain would not have been absolutely necessary. It looks a bit like you've forgotten to take off your ballerina socks before you put your shoes on. Otherwise, however, a really casual shoe that justifiably causes excitement!


If someone has got the taste for checking their shoes on the spot: Unfortunately, customers of the luxury brand are currently being put off with a "COMING SOON" for this model. But that's not so bad at all! Until then, the last euros can be scraped together to treat yourself to one of THE trend shoes of the year, hopefully in the near future!

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