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A real Louis Vuitton for 400 euros? That's how it's done
A real Louis Vuitton for 400 euros? That's how it's done

The insider tip of all fashionistas: On the Vestiaire Collective website, you are guaranteed to find real fashion bargains online or sell them yourself.

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Vestiaire Collective
Vestiaire Collective

There are quite a few bags and it-bags that we've only smacked at from afar because we could never afford them anyway. With secondhand the chances are much better! But how can I tell whether the supposed bargain is just a fake and not a real design piece at all? In any case, we didn't want to trust complete private sales of luxury and designer fashion until now …

Bloggers sell their discarded looks at Vestiaire Collective

Chanel, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci & Céline are here to help, Europe's leading website for the verified purchase and resale of second-hand design and premium fashion, promises this security. Vestiaire Collective has little to do with the hippie aesthetic of a typical flea market. The online shop employs its own curation team that reviews over 10,000 products per week, of which 70% are usually given permission to upload. This means that 2,000 new, carefully selected products are available to members every day.

How does Vestiaire Collective work?

Control system excludes fakes

100% of the products that are sold on the website go through a careful quality and authenticity check before they are sent to the buyer. A specialized team inspects each product according to a rigorous test so that it can be assured that the product is genuine. If in doubt, Vestiaire Collective will also send a bag or shoes directly to Chanel to have their authenticity checked. After that, it will be forwarded for a quality review. There it is examined whether the product corresponds to the information provided by the seller. Finally, the condition of the product is checked to make sure it has no defects that are not listed.

Thanks to these strict requirements, Vestiaire Collective now unites almost 4 million members from over 47 countries worldwide who regularly offer and of course find new shopping highlights. The best? In contrast to Ebay and Co, Vestiaire will not sell a bag above the original price either. According to the managing director, the community is "paying close attention" to this.

Vestiaire Collective is a community

Speaking of community: As a customer, you can also use the various advantages of the online platform. Favorite brands can be noted online, wish lists can be created and posted directly with the sellers and price offers can be made. Well please, we've already cast our eyes on a green Prada Cahier - maybe the price can still be lowered …

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