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5 eyelash mistakes to avoid
5 eyelash mistakes to avoid

Too much mascara, too seldom make-up, incorrectly used eyelash curlers: these are the most common eyelash mistakes. We've all done them before!


No wonder that fake lashes and extensions are currently booming: beautiful, full eyelashes give the face even more character and you often look even more well-groomed. That's why we try to find the best mascara that will make our eyelashes irresistible. But we forget one thing: The right care for our precious hair!

These mistakes could ruin your eyelashes:

Eyelash curler used after mascara. That is a tempting thought, because you have the feeling of being able to bring the inked eyelashes into shape even better. But it is an absolute no-go! Lashes that are covered in mascara have a drier texture and are much more likely to break off while still being shaped. So eyelash curler always only before the mascara!

Waterproof mascara every day. Waterproof mascara conveys a sense of security: even if the orc of the century comes and you don't have an umbrella with you, you won't get a panda face. But unfortunately the waterproof formula is particularly resistant to all attempts to remove make-up, which is why you have to rub more. And through the increased rubbing, the hairs fall out faster. Therefore, use waterproof mascara only on certain days!

Rubbed the eyes too often. If it itches, you have to scratch, of course. But sometimes you don't even notice how often you fumble with your own eyes. You shouldn't do that, because the eyelashes are delicate growths that can't stand too much fiddling. They then fail more quickly or break off.

Not removed. Make-up removal is a MUST. This is not a myth and no long-term advertising in the beauty industry that only wants to sell us make-up removal products. It's proven to be better for your skin and hair. The hair follicles, i.e. hair roots, can be clogged by the mascara, which can cause the eyelashes to die off and fall out. So if you take the time to put on your make-up, you might as well take your time to remove your make-up!

Too often fake lashes. This is where all the factors that can damage the hair come together: the roots are clogged by the glue, the eyelashes are pulled and they dry out over time. That is why you shouldn't have one lash extension session after the next, but give your eyelashes a break from time to time.

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