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What helps against office eye syndrome?
What helps against office eye syndrome?

Are your eyes dry and irritated? Do you itch and burn? What you can do about office eye syndrome.

Office eye syndrome: wellness tips for the eyes at work
Office eye syndrome: wellness tips for the eyes at work

The current increase in screen work through home office and online meetings is a strain for the eyes, which are often dry, irritated, itchy and sting as a result. "Working for hours every day on the computer often leads to office eye syndrome, which is exacerbated by excessively dry air, especially in the cold season," says David Vogelhuber, master optician. The good news: You can take countermeasures and relieve your eyes with wellness glasses, exercises for the eye muscles and an optimized workplace.

Dry eyes? These six tips will help

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Office eye syndrome

"Constantly staring at the screen involuntarily suspends the blinking reflex to moisten the eyes. In addition, during the cold season there is the low humidity due to heated rooms and the fact that one's own workstation is usually not designed to be eye-friendly. The consequences are dry, red eyes, blurred vision as well as head and neck pain, migraines and possible inflammation. One speaks of the office eye syndrome, "says the optician.

Wellness glasses

When working on a computer screen, the eye has to adapt to different distances in the shortest possible time, to the monitor, keyboard, colleagues or documents on the desk: "From the age of around 40, eyesight naturally deteriorates because the eye lens can accommodate 'Normal' visual aids such as varifocals, reading glasses or contact lenses can only rarely meet the special requirements at the computer workstation satisfactorily, "says Vogelhuber.

"The wellness glasses, computer or monitor glasses are varifocals that have a large field of vision for short and medium distances thanks to 3 differently adapted viewing zones," continues David Vogelhuber.

Test: "Anyone who often leans forward when working on a PC to be closer to the monitor should have a check carried out to see whether VDU work glasses could relieve the eyesight," says the expert.

Occupational health and safety law: By the way - if there is a corresponding certificate from an optician, employers are obliged under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to pay at least part of the costs for the computer glasses.

6 tips from the master optician

  1. Blink consciously
  2. Take breaks: look up from the screen regularly and let your eyes wander.
  3. Eye workout: Follow an imaginary figure eight with your eyes from right to left.
  4. Screen distance: The optimal distance to the screen should be 50-80 cm.
  5. Workplace lighting: A mixture of ceiling lighting and

    Desk lamp. The screen should not reflect any other light sources.

  6. Indoor climate: Increase the humidity in the room.

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