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Dark Circles: What Really Helps
Dark Circles: What Really Helps

Stayed up too long, allergy season or just the dear genes. No matter what the reason for your dark circles: We'll show you what really helps:

Dark Circles: What Really Helps
Dark Circles: What Really Helps

No matter what the reason for your unsightly shadows under the eyes, they make you look tired and sickly. But why do you see dark circles so clearly? Because the skin under the eye is particularly thin, the blood vessels there shimmer more easily. In addition, the eye region is particularly well supplied with blood - so the blood flows very quickly through the thin veins. The less oxygen the blood contains, the darker the color. Ergo particularly clearly visible dark circles.

What helps against dark circles if they don't have a medical cause? You are about to shake your head, because the well-intended advice is always the same: Drink a lot, at least two liters of water a day. A balanced diet, high in fiber with little meat, lots of fruit and vegetables to deacidify your organism. And enough sleep.

Well, that's more of a long-term project now. In an acute emergency, cold helps in combination with the following foods (please always only from organic cultivation. In fact, sprays and pollutants tend to have the opposite effect!):


Praise be to caffeine! This shrinks the blood vessels and brightens dark shadows again. Simply brew two black tea bags with hot water for ten minutes, then place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Then up with it on the eyes.

Potato or cucumber slices

The effect of the two types of vegetables is similar: they moisturize the sensitive skin under the eyes. in this way any swellings and dark shadows disappear. Briefly put thin slices in the refrigerator and then place them on closed eyes for a good ten minutes.


Milk is a miracle cure anyway: lactic acid, proteins and antioxidants not only lighten the skin, they also make the skin soft and soft. Simply place cotton pads soaked in cold milk under your eyes for ten minutes.

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