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Work stress? Try these short meditation videos
Work stress? Try these short meditation videos

Stress at work, but no time for yoga or long relaxation exercises? We introduce short meditations that will help you relax at work in less than 10 minutes. Guaranteed!

Digital detox
Digital detox

We all know it, the stress in the workplace. On days when nothing really works out, our work and our tasks are overwhelming and our colleagues are only annoying, there is actually help - in the form of short meditations. They help us to come down a bit at our desk, to find our way back to our center and to approach the rest of the day relaxed.

We're not talking about yoga or any lengthy relaxation exercises here. We have compiled our favorite meditation videos that will transform you from a shard of grants to a zen master at the keyboard in under 10 minutes. Promised!

And should you already drift away because you are nervous and don't believe in meditation - give these videos a chance! Your inner peace is just a few clicks away! Taking a short meditation break in the stressful everyday life and just concentrating on yourself and your breath can really save the day. And we're in this world for a little more Zen anyway….

Meditation: 5 short videos with relaxation exercises

1. Triangle Breathing: The Most Calming-g.webp" />

Triangle breathing is the simplest breathing technique to immediately reduce stress and relieve anxiety. As long as the figure is built up from the geometric shapes, inhale deeply. When they collapse, they exhale at the same time. We have known for a long time that deep breathing in and out is calming. But the visual instructions make it a little easier. Anyone who also hears calming sounds such as rain or forest noises on YouTube is well taken care of.

2. The 1-minute mediation for more relaxation

Relax in a minute? The super short video of our favorite meditation app Headspace will also help you to breathe a little more calmly and consciously again. So sit down, take a deep breath and follow the meditation on the screen. You too can loosen up for a minute!

3. Are you angry? Try this meditation

Are you mad at someone or something and you just can't stop thinking about it? Then this short video is perfect for you. Take the four minutes and breathe out all the Grant that is holding you back!

4. Fuck That Shit? Meditation in a completely different way

Soft tones from the singing bowl, soothing Om hum - can't you do anything with that? Then you will love the meditation video above! Because instead of talking around the bush, Jason Headley uses extremely clear language! Such as the following statement: "Gradually let the horseshit of the external world fade from your awareness." Thanks for that!

5. Even more meditation for more relaxation in the workplace

If you're not calmer after watching this video, it's probably time to go home …

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