Laughing is healthy
Laughing is healthy

A hearty laugh and a loud giggling not only make you happy, but also wonderfully healthy. We reveal the most important Haha! Facts.

Six friends are lying in the spa and laughing crookedly
Six friends are lying in the spa and laughing crookedly

It starts with a tickle, the corners of the mouth pull up and a deep, intimate laugh comes from the stomach! Oh, it's so wonderful to giggle, giggle or roar with laughter and writhing.

But above all, laughter is wonderfully healthy - and we'll tell you why:


When laughing, around 300 muscles are tensed from head to stomach, 17 of them in the face alone. This makes it the ultimate in face fitness!


When you laugh, your lungs absorb a lot of air, and oxygen gets into the red blood cells. The heart beats faster and pumps oxygen-rich blood around the body. The organism is activated and the metabolism stimulated.


Laughter is a wonderful cardiovascular workout. 20 seconds of hearty laughter is roughly equivalent to three minutes of brisk rowing.


Laughter promotes the formation of antibodies that the body urgently needs to protect against bacteria and viruses.


Happiness hormones are produced in the limbic system while laughing. This not only makes you happy, but also relieves tension, stress and even pain.


The gas exchange when laughing increases threefold, the diaphragm tenses, the lungs expand - when laughing, the breath shoots out of the lungs at 100 km / h.


A laughing woman reaches a pitch of 1,000 hertz. The sound of male laughter has at least 280 vibrations per second, the female even 500!

By the way: Researchers have found that a "real" laugh begins at the latest half a second after the stimulus to laugh. The laughing person closes his eyes and then initially does not look at the person opposite. Another indication are the laugh lines - without them, laughter is probably played.

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