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3 signs that you are sabotaging your own life
3 signs that you are sabotaging your own life

Finally put yourself first and stop trying to please everyone!

3 signs you're sabotaging your own life - and what to do about it
3 signs you're sabotaging your own life - and what to do about it

Self-sabotage is a huge hurdle when it comes to loving yourself. And if you always want to please everyone in your environment, you have probably not really understood the thing about self-love. You only need yourself to feel good and comfortable. But from the beginning. In order to be happy with yourself, it is important to learn to love yourself. But how is that supposed to work when there are so many people you want to please?

3 things by which you can tell that you are sabotaging your own happiness in life

1. You want to please everyone all the time

Surprise, surprise - if you compromise with yourself so that others will be happy, it is a surefire sign that you are sabotaging your own life in the long run. In this way you focus on others and not on who you really are. When you need other people to make yourself feel good, the truth is that you have no control over how you are doing. Invest in yourself too.

2. You live the life of others

You escape your misfortune by constantly helping others. You want to be needed and prefer to solve other people's problems than yours.

3. You fear rejection

The longer you run away from your problems, the bigger they get. And as long as you feel that you don't deserve love or are afraid of rejection, you will not be able to endure a partner who really loves you. Because it just doesn't fit what you think of yourself.

Do you recognize yourself right now? Don't worry, there is still time to turn things around!

9 ways to love yourself

  1. Put yourself first!
  2. Listen to you and your needs. Ask yourself "How am I doing in this situation?" or "Do I want that?"
  3. Learn to be nicer to yourself!
  4. Learn to say NO.
  5. Take better care of your needs. Then you will also be less envious.
  6. If something goes wrong again, look at the big picture, not the worst-case scenario.
  7. Set goals for yourself and be aware of what is really important to you.
  8. Stay true to yourself!
  9. You want to give up Ask yourself if it's really worth it!

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