"Gold is trendy"
"Gold is trendy"

We know: an investment in the precious metal is always worthwhile. But what is the best way to go about it if you still lack experience? Andrea Lang from the Austrian Mint explains how it works.

"Gold is trendy"
"Gold is trendy"

The fear of inflation is great, especially now at the time of the pandemic there is a lot of uncertainty about financial investments. So why invest in gold, Ms. Lang?

ยป" In sensitive times, gold provides a high level of security."

How should beginners start?

Lang: Physical gold is tax-free and is a great way to preserve the value of what you've saved. You stay flexible, because money can quickly be turned into gold, and gold can be turned into money quickly. It is best to buy investment coins such as the Vienna Philharmonic, which is traded worldwide and can be resold at all banks at the current market price. It's even easier with the "GoldReserve" of the Austrian Mint. You pay in small amounts every month, and as soon as the gold you buy each month reaches the weight of a coin, we send it home safely or store it in our gold depot.

What differences do you see in the forms of investment?

Lang: Gold bears no entrepreneurial risk and can never become worthless. Stocks are company shares that are profitable when the companies are making a profit. Gold ownership, on the other hand, means pure property.

The price of gold fluctuates significantly. That also increases the risk

Lang: In sensitive times, it offers a high level of security, since gold is largely independent of countries, currencies, productivity or creditworthiness. Of course, the value can also decrease in the meantime, but history shows that it also increases again and again.

Isn't there a lack of regular income from a gold investment?

Lang: At the moment, you don't get any interest on your savings account. Gold does not generate any interest either, but it is a good way of maintaining the level of savings.

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