10 years of Kate & William: 10 facts you didn't know about them
10 years of Kate & William: 10 facts you didn't know about them

Finally good news from the British royal family again: On April 29th. Kate & William have their tenth wedding anniversary. To celebrate the day, we provide you with ten insider information about the (almost) scandal-free royal couple.

10 years of Kate & William: 10 facts you didn't know about them
10 years of Kate & William: 10 facts you didn't know about them

There was a lot going on with the English royals in recent months: First, Prince Harry and his Meghan made headlines around the world with the "Megxit" and the scandal interview with talk show host Oprah, then the death of Prince Philip. We are not the only ones looking forward to positive news. On April 29, 2011, Duchess Kate, 39, and William, 38, got married. We still remember her gorgeous lace dress by Alexander McQueen, the romantic kiss on the balcony and the defiant flower girl who covered her ears in annoyance. Half the world languished in front of the TV sets back then. Both seem - at least compared to brother Harry - to come through their relationship in a wonderfully unspectacular and scandal-free way … The Queen is amused! And we have researched for you through the past almost 20 years of their relationship …

1. At first she dated another …At a charity fashion show at her university in 2002, Kate walked the catwalk in black underwear and a see-through dress. It is said: William fell in love at that moment and wanted to kiss her at the aftershow party. But there was a rebuff from Kate - she met another man at the time.

2. You were a flatmate before falling in love. In their second year of study, the couple lived in a shared apartment with other fellow students. “Back then he kept cooking. I think he tried to impress me with Bolognese sauce,”Kate later joked. The public first found out about the young relationship in 2004 through photos from a skiing holiday in Klosters (Switzerland).

3. Kate put on makeup on her wedding day. Do not you think? It was the same for us, but your wedding planner Mark Niemierko gave it away. She took make-up lessons from the London make-up artist Arabella Preston beforehand.

4. The boulevard called her "Waity Katie". After the couple had been together for several years, everyone was waiting for the engagement. On November 16, 2010, shortly before twelve, the time had finally come: It was officially announced that the two would get married in April 2011. Incidentally, William made the application in Kenya.

5. Kate initially worked in sales. Before she became royal full-time, the Duchess worked in the fashion industry. For example as an “Assistant Accessories Buyer” for the British label Jigsaw.

6. In the evening they sing "Game of Thrones". When the three children (George, Charlotte & Louis) are in bed, they relax together on the couch. And what's going on on the royal television? "We are big fans of, Homeland‘and, Game of Thrones ‘", said William in a radio interview in 2019, "Who has not seen, Game of Thrones‘? "

7. Two love-offs as a royal rehearsal? In 2004 and 2007 there were short breaks in the relationship. William wanted to enjoy his freedom, some say. It was a test of whether she was even suitable as a royal, the others. At the time, Kate was offered a lot of money by the media for interviews in which she was supposed to unpack about their relationship - but she declined and withdrew.

8. Kate became the first British bride to graduate from college. The 38-year-old graduated from the University of St. Andrews (where Prince William also studied) in art history.

9. She was very lonely at the beginning of the marriage. Initially, the couple lived with the newborn Prince George in North Wales, where William was stationed as a Royal Air Force pilot. The Duchess later said that she felt quite isolated and isolated at the time.

10. He calls her Poppet, she calls him babe … Sweet is not it?

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