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Selma Blair shares a strong message with her nude photo
Selma Blair shares a strong message with her nude photo

After the "ice cold angel" actress made her multiple sclerosis disease public in October 2018, she once again shared a strong message on Instagram - with an incredibly strong photo!

Selma Blair shares a strong message with her nude photo
Selma Blair shares a strong message with her nude photo

As early as October 2018, the actress Selma Blair, who is best known for her role in the cult film "Ice Cold Angels", made public that she suffers from multiple sclerosis. MS is a neurological disease in which nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are attacked and damaged due to a malfunction in the immune system.

Since then, Selma Blair has dealt with this very naturally and openly on social media. For this she is celebrated by her community. She wants to give those affected and their families hope and courage. In March of this year, however, she admitted in an interview that her illness was very difficult to understand and bear, especially for her 7-year-old son.

Radical change: Selma Blair has her son cut her hair

After the disease multiple sclerosis brings symptoms such as paralysis and the actress is now finding it very difficult to raise her arms, she now decided to have her shoulder-length hair shaved off. And by none other than her son. "I trusted him and he pulled it off," said the actress in the comments below her post.

"Portrait of a Lady" is the title of her latest photo. The 48-year-old can be seen in the mirror. Naked. Only dressed in a tweed jacket and a pocket that she placed strategically. In focus? Her bum - and the expression on the face of an incredibly strong woman:

Blair's mission is to show the world that baldness is beautiful - and it works: Her impressive photo was well received by many fans, who applauded her for her openness. The picture has also received a lot of praise from those struggling with MS themselves or who have lost their hair due to other health problems.

In the comments, Blair's celebrity friends, including Michelle Pfeiffer, Christina Milian, and Jaime King, also endorsed her. Even her best friend Sarah Michelle Gellar joked about the picture, writing, "You know they have medication for it."

Blair then followed up with a follow-up post showing a Barbie instead of herself. Also naked. Below it reads ironically: "Clutching my pearls"

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