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What's more glamorous than camping? GLAMPING
What's more glamorous than camping? GLAMPING

Dear campers, forget your old dome tent and the uncomfortable sleeping mat! "Glamping" combines an outdoor feeling with luxury - and we desperately need it.


Anyone who does not want to do without a vacation this year despite the pandemic could fall in love with this type of travel. Because with glamping you don't need a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat or the know-how to light a fire in nature. The word comes from the English and Dutch language areas and is a word created from the words "Glamorous" and "Camping". And because you don't have to rely on the toilet or the public shower system at the campsite, this can also be easily combined with social distancing!

Where can you "glow"?

You can glow in a luxurious lodge tent, in an airstreamer, in a villa, in a suite, in a tree house or in a hut. Everything very close to nature and with a tent atmosphere, but without renouncing luxury and comfort!

What do glamping accommodations look like?

For pure luxury! There are fully furnished, spacious tents and elegantly designed mobile homes. Four-poster bed, room service, bathtub and luxury living room with TV instead of an outdoor shower, hard floor, sleeping bag and canned food. You get in the mood for glamping right away!

Where can I book the glamping experience?

Glamping domiciles can now be found on every continent, in various top holiday regions. Some good addresses:

  • Glamping in Austria
  • Glamping in Slovenia
  • Glamping in Croatia
  • Glamping in Germany

Who is glamping for?

This form of travel is particularly popular with people who are used to luxury on vacation and therefore definitely don't want to do without it, but who also have the ecological consequences of a five-star luxury vacation in mind at the same time. Glamper also want to enjoy nature and open space and not feel restricted by any hotel complexes.

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