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Song Contest 2015: ESC cocktail
Song Contest 2015: ESC cocktail

In time for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, bartender Nadim Marouf from Graz gave us the recipe for his ESC cocktail creation. We say: 12 points!

Song Contest Cocktail
Song Contest Cocktail

You need:

1 rhubarb stick

2 strawberries

3 cl lemon juice

3 cl of domestic rum

3 cl syrup, e.g. "Barbara" from Spitz

1/2 cup yogurt or 4 cl yogurt liqueur

Crushed ice

Decoration: strawberry, piece of rhubarb


Red mass:

Peel the rhubarb and cut into 4 cm pieces at a slight angle. Then cook until al dente. Mix the piece of rhubarb with the strawberries in a tall container - preferably in a shaker. Then add the national rum and lemon juice. Then the syrup follows, it provides the red color. Mix in the syrup and add enough crushed ice, depending on the size of the glass. Mix or shake thoroughly.

White mass:

Mix half a cup of yoghurt (or the 4 cl yoghurt liqueur) with the remaining third of the crushed ice. Use a second, tall vessel or a shaker for this. Mix the ingredients together.

Mix it:

Pour the layers into the glass one after the other. First the red mass, then the white and finally the red again. For the best look, cut a strawberry and a piece of rhubarb and stick them on the edge of the glass.

Expert tip by Nadim Marouf: Use a spoon when pouring in the two masses. This makes the layers particularly beautiful. In addition, you save yourself the mess and blunders.

If you just want to enjoy the creation "12 Points", visit Nadim Marouf in his Hemingway American Bar in Graz.

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