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Always stay nice and clean
Always stay nice and clean

Aggressive cleaning agents? From the day before yesterday! Nowadays, anyone who wants to declare war on the dirt can use home remedies and eco-cleaning products! They clean just as well and also keep the environment clean.

Always stay nice and clean
Always stay nice and clean

What can be done against the smell of mod?

Vinegar. The old coat has been in the cellar for years? Before cleaning & co. Have to take action, you'd better get vinegar out of the cupboard! Hang the mold in a garment sack and carefully place the vinegar bowl in a corner of the sack.

Coffee. After at least 24 hours, replace the vinegar bowl with a cup of ground coffee and let the garment bag hang for another 48 hours (ideally outdoors). This neutralizes and drives away the musty smell!

What helps against limescale?

Vinegar. A little tip: leave all expensive and aggressive substances in the closet. Because a few drops of vinegar will remove limescale deposits on fittings far more effectively than the harshest chemicals. Just put it on a sponge like a cleaning agent and rub it in.

This is how chewing gum comes out of the fabric

Refrigerator. Put affected pieces in the refrigerator for twelve hours. Then you can easily peel off the chewing gum. If the fabric is too big for the cupboard: Get ice spray from the medicine cabinet. Simply spray on and peel off!

How do you get rid of cat hair?

Rubber gloves. Unfortunately, the cute house tigers leave their mark. But there is a remedy! Simply put on household gloves and brush them over the couch & Co. Thanks to electrostatics, the hair sticks to the glove.

How do joints become white again?

Baking powder & baking soda. Over the years, white joints get darker, the solution is baking powder: Mix with lukewarm water to form a paste, apply this to the joints with an old toothbrush and massage in. Leave on for an hour and wash off with lukewarm water. Alternatively, baking soda can help: Mix in a ratio of 3: 1 with water, apply, leave on for an hour and rinse off.

Vinegar. In the event of severe discolouration, add the vinegar essence to the baking soda mixture and work in with the brush. The highlight: The combination of base and acid makes even dark joints shiny white again!

How do you get the toilet clean again?

Cola. Due to its carbon content, Cola also helps against deposits. You can also use stale items from your last party. Simply pour it onto the affected areas, leave it on overnight and do a rinse.

How is the drain free?

Potato water. The next time you cook potatoes, just pour the boiling hot water down the drains as a preventive measure! The potato stock prevents blockages.

Vinegar. If a pipe is really clogged, baking powder comes into play: Empty half a cup of baking powder into the drain and rinse with about half a cup of vinegar essence. Place a cloth over the opening, leave it on for five to ten minutes and rinse with hot water.

How is the air cleaned?

Vinegar water. For a kick of freshness, boil the vinegar with water, put it in a bowl and set it up in the living room! The vinegar "catches" bad smells. If stale air is blowing out of the vacuum cleaner, just suck up baking soda right at the beginning! And to remove bad smells in shoes, put cat litter in an old nylon stocking, tie it tight and then put it in the shoe.

Fridge stink? This helps

Baking powder. Place either a shallow cup with a few tablespoons of baking soda or a cup of coffee in the refrigerator, both of which neutralize odors. The powders should be renewed after a month. So that odors do not arise in the first place, remove paper packaging, as it binds odors, and put food in sealable containers.

Fight the rust

Cola. If rust has eaten into the bicycle or the garden furniture, put cola on the affected areas, let it take effect and rub the rust off with a small brush.

Lemon. Citric acid helps with more stubborn stains: Mix with lukewarm water and place pieces of rust in the diluted acid for a few hours. Then rub off with a brush.

How do moths disappear?

Hairdryer. In the event of a moth infestation, slowly run the hair dryer over the items of clothing on the hottest setting or point it at the corners of the closet. The hot air hits moth eggs.

Newsprint. Aside from lavender, there is one more thing that moths hate: printer's ink. Garments that are stored over summer / winter or that are not used for a long time should therefore be cleaned well and wrapped in newspaper and stored in plastic bags - this prevents moths from biting their way!

Lemon. In order to drive away moths in the long term, you should thoroughly clean the cupboard in which the pieces infected by the moths were stored with lemon water: To do this, mix essential oil (available in drugstores) with hot water. Put on a cloth and wipe cupboards with it.

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