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Movie night with the kids? These 6 children's films are bursting with girl power & you can stream them all
Movie night with the kids? These 6 children's films are bursting with girl power & you can stream them all

Movie night with the kids? Would be fine again! And with these 6 films, the little ones also get to know strong female characters. Win win!

children's films feminist
children's films feminist

Girls who save their parents, want to travel into space alone, fight against social constraints with magic or just want to play football in peace - this list of films is perfect for everyone who likes to watch TV with their kids and appreciate strong female roles.

Spirited Away

One of the most beautiful anime films of all time! On the way to their new home, Chihiro and her parents drive past a strange tunnel. On the other hand, there is not only magic waiting, but also a great challenge: little Chihiro has to free her parents from the witch's clutches all by herself.

Stream: Netflix

Troop Zero

Christmas is a real nerd girl. In rural Georgia in the 1970s, she dreams of space and aliens. When NASA throws a competition, Christmas knows it is time to act. Brave girls with unusual dreams - what more could you want?

Stream: Amazon Prime


Sounds cheesy, but it's about the courage and ambition of the orphan girl FĂ©lice, who absolutely wanted to become a ballerina in the 1880s. "Ballerina" was produced outside of Pixar, Dreamworks & Co and shows that even less well-known animated films deserve a chance!

Stream: Amazon Prime


All 90's kids know this film based on the story of Roald Dahl: Matilda grows up with a nasty brother and no less nasty parents. But when her gentle teacher notices that Matilda is a very special girl, her life changes suddenly.

Lend: Amazon Prime, Maxdome & Chili.

Merida - Legend of the Highlands

Merida is the stubborn daughter of a Scottish royal couple in the 10th century. Although her parents try to make her marriage to a son of another clan palatable, Merida refuses with all her might. But when she tries to put an end to the magic, things only get worse.

Stream: Disney +

Kick it Like Beckham

Another classic of the 90's kids: 18-year-old Jess wants to be a soccer player. But her rather conservative Indian parents don't think that's so great. Mainly because there is still Joe, who is not only interested in the young woman's playful talent.

Lend: Apple & Rakuten TV

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