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WhatsApp sayings, quotes & poems for Father's Day
WhatsApp sayings, quotes & poems for Father's Day

June 13th is Father's Day. We have the best sayings and quotes for your dad, grandpa or to help the kids a little bit.

Father's day sayings quotes poems
Father's day sayings quotes poems

Father's Day is approaching and you are once again completely unprepared? You can write these sweet sayings and poems for Father's Day on your Father's Day card or send them by message if you don't see your dad on Father's Day. Either way: Dad will be happy! And if the kids still need a little help, our poems and quotes are sure to have something to offer.

Sayings and quotes for Father's Day:

- A superhero without a cape is called dad!

- You are a father to the world. You are the world to our family!

- Any man can become a father. But a super dad can only be someone very special. Just like you!

- Long out of my infancy, I like to think back to my childhood. Thank you very much today for my carefree happiness as a child.

- You go ahead of me in the lead, stay by my side and always stand behind me. I thank you father for that.

- Even better than having you as a dad is that my children have you as a grandpa.


Father's Day Poems:

To Father's Day

I'll give you a bouquet of flowers

and you look slightly embarrassed.

I say thanks with a lot of feeling

and see, you are slowly getting muggy.

I'll put a poem on top -

oh can i paint your face.

Salvation is near, I'm coming to the end

Hug and a little kiss -

Happy Father's Day!

(© Anita Menger)


Dear papa - listen to me

Nobody is as cool as you.

Thanks for us joking

that we rage

that we laugh.

There are more gift ideas for Father's Day here!

I wish you so much, my dear papa

I wish you so much, my dear papa, and oh, how little I bring!

So I put my wishes close to God

the giver of all things.

I wish that God may keep you

as fresh and healthy as it is today.

So we often celebrate the day

He sends you the sunshine of happiness

every new morning.

And for a nice little daughter / little son -

I want to take care of that myself!

(© Georg Lang, 1836 - 1920)

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