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Exclusive excerpt from the new novel by the "Fifty Shades of Gray" author
Exclusive excerpt from the new novel by the "Fifty Shades of Gray" author

FINALLY, fans of the "Fifty Shades of Gray" series are getting more. Author E L James does not return to the story of Anastasia and Christian with her new, erotic book, but sends us into the world of the British nobility with the new novel "The Mister". We have two exclusive reading samples for you to read:


The new book by "Fifty Shades of Gray" author E L James is finally here: "The Mister"

"Fifty Shades of Gray" is one of the most successful bestsellers in the world. For three books, fans of the author E L James were able to follow the erotic love story between Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray, which included, among other things, BDSM practices, dominance and submission, playful punishment as well as pleasure pain or bondage games. Seven years after the last part of the series, a new novel by the British author is now being published. "The Mister" will be published in German translation on April 20 by Goldmann Verlag and can already be pre-ordered.

"I am very happy to finally be able to share my new novel with my fans", E L James sends a message to her readers. "I very much hope that this exciting and sensual story inspires my readership as much as it inspires me while writing it."

"The Mister" for 12.99 euros.

The content of "The Mister"

Life means well with Maxim Trevelyan. He is handsome, wealthy and has connections with the highest circles in London. He's never had to work and hardly spend a night alone. That all changes when Maxim inherits his family's title of nobility, fortune, and estates - and the responsibilities that come with it, for which he is in no way prepared. His greatest challenge, however, is a mysterious, beautiful woman whom he meets by chance. Who is this Alessia Demachi, who has only recently lived in England and has nothing but a dangerous past? Maxim's desire for this woman becomes an ardent passion - a passion he has never experienced before. When Alessia is caught up with her past, Maxim tries desperately to protect her. But Maxim also keeps a dark secret.

Reading sample from the new novel by "Fifty Shades of Gray" author E L James: "The Mister" - the kiss

In the subdued light it looks like an unearthly appearance. She carefully traces my lips with her fingertips. I close my eyes, surrender to the reverberation of their touch in my body.

I dare not breathe.

I don't want to scare them.

I feel her feather-light touch everywhere.

Really everywhere.

Before I know it, I pull her into my arms. She hugs me; their warmth combines with mine.

How good that feels!

I slide my fingers under her cloth and carefully slide it down. Then I grab her braid by the nape of the neck and pull it gently to bring her lips up to mine. "Alessia." I kiss her gently again so as not to scare her. She puts her hands on my upper arms and now closes her eyes in turn.

My kiss becomes more passionate, my tongue explores her lips. She opens her mouth.


It tastes warm and sweet and seductive. Her tongue hesitantly seeks mine. How enchanting and exciting at the same time!

I have to pull myself together. There is nothing I would rather do than immerse myself in this girl - but she probably won't let that happen. So I break away from her. "What's my name?" I mumble against her lips.

"Mister," she whispers as I run my thumb over her cheek.

“Maxim. Say Maxim."

"Maxim," she breathes.

Reading sample from the new novel by "Fifty Shades of Gray" author E L James: "The Mister" - getting to know each other

Who the hell is this terrified creature? I'm totally confused. Have i seen her before? The image of a forgotten dream comes to life like a polaroid before my eyes. An angel in blue standing next to my bed. But that was several days ago. Could it have been her? And now she stands before me, rooted to the spot, with downcast eyes and pale, delicate face. Her knuckles are all white because she is clutching the broomstick with all her strength as if it were the only thing she can hold on to. The scarf hides her hair, and she almost sinks into the shapeless, not very fashionable nylon apron. She looks completely out of place.

"Who are you?" I ask again, this time a bit more friendly so as not to scare her. She lifts her head - her eyes are dark brown and framed by the longest lashes I've ever seen - but immediately looks down again.


One look into the endless depths of those eyes, and I'm strangely … insecure. She is at least a head shorter than me, no more than sixty-five, with pretty features: high cheekbones, a cute snub nose, light skin and lips. She looks like a few days of sun and a hearty meal will do her good.

I have now understood that she is cleaning here. But why them? Is she the replacement for my previous cleaning lady? "Where's Krystyna?" I ask, while her silence begins to frustrate me a little. Maybe she is Krystyna's daughter - or granddaughter.

She has drawn her upper lip between her evenly white teeth and still refuses to look me in the face.

Look at me i think I would love to reach out to her and force her to do it. At that moment she lifts her head as if she had read my mind. She nervously licks her lower lip with her tongue. I feel the tension in my body as hot desire shoots through my veins.

Holy shit!

I screw up my eyes as the lust in me gives way to cold anger. What on earth is wrong with me? How can a woman I've never seen have such an effect on me? How crazy is that? Her eyes under the gently curved brows become huge; she takes a step backwards and fiddles with the broom, which promptly slips out of her fingers and lands on the floor with a rumble. She bends effortlessly and gracefully to pick it up. As she straightened up, an embarrassed blush spreads across her cheeks and she mumbled something unintelligible.

Goodness Was that how I intimidated the poor thing?

That was not my intention.

I'm angry with myself, not her.

Maybe there was another reason for their silence. "Maybe you don't understand me at all," I say more to myself and smooth my hair, which is still sticking out from my head from the night. Krystyna's English had been limited to "yes" and "here" as I tried to get her hands and feet clear when I needed something out of her hand. The girl is probably also Polish.

"I'm a cleaning lady, mister," she whispers, looking down again so that her eyelashes cast a fan-shaped shadow on her cheeks.

"Where's Krystyna?"

"She is back in Poland."

"Since when?"

"Since last week."

Aha. That's something completely new. Why did I not know anything about it? I liked Krystyna. She had worked for me for three years and knew all of my dirty little secrets. I couldn't even say goodbye to her.

Maybe it's just temporary. "And is she coming back?" I ask. The girl's forehead furrows deepen, but she continues to be silent. Your gaze falls on my feet. For some reason, I'm embarrassed. Hands on hips, I take a step back as my confusion grows. "How long have you been here?"

"In England?" She asks breathlessly and barely audible.

"Yes, and look at me when you talk to me." Why is she so unwilling?

Again her slender fingers close around the broomstick, as if she wanted to use it as a weapon if necessary. She swallows, lifts her head, and looks at me with those big, dark eyes. Eyes that I would like to drown in. My mouth goes dry as my body answers again.

Forget it!

"I've been in England for three weeks." Her voice is stronger, clearer than expected, with an accent that I cannot quite identify. She raises her chin a little defiantly as she speaks. Now her lips have got some color; her lower lip is a little fuller than the upper one, which she licks tightly one more time.

Excitement flows through me. I take another step back. "Three weeks?" I repeat, amazed at my strong reaction to her.

What is it about?

It's exquisite, that's the matter, says the soft voice in my head.

It's correct. She's as hot as a rat for a woman in a smock apron.

Pay attention. She has not yet answered my questions. "No. I mean, how long have you been cleaning the apartment here?"

Where is this girl from I think feverishly. Mrs. Blake made sure Krystyna can work for me. Your replacement is still silent.

"Do you speak English?" I ask, trying to force her to finally open her mouth. "What's your name?"

She frowns at me like I'm a complete idiot. "Yes. I speak English. My name is Alessia Demachi. I've been in your apartment since ten this morning."

Wow. So she doesn't speak perfect, but speaks English fluently.

"Good. Okay. How are you, Alessia Demachi. My name is …"

What should I say now? Trevethick? Trevelyan?


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