What we do embarrassingly when we are in love
What we do embarrassingly when we are in love

Tragic but true: lovers do embarrassing things! Quite embarrassing things, actually!

What embarrassing things we do when we're in love
What embarrassing things we do when we're in love

It is seemingly an inevitable fact that when we are in love we act like an elephant in a china shop. No faux pas are too far away, no action too ridiculous and the worst thing about it: in most cases we don't even notice it !!! Because: "We are in love - we are allowed to!"

1. A woman in love investigates better than the FBI: stalking alert

As soon as you have seen the man of your dreams, everything is determined and researched. If we had pounced on one thing so much during our university or school days, we would probably have been absolute elite children.

It's good that there are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. these days. And should the chosen one be one of the few non-Facebookers - oh yes, there should also be such people among us - that is absolutely NO obstacle. Why do you have friends, acquaintances, relatives ?! In this case, additional resources are not used any faster.

2. The phone bill is increasing rapidly

2000 minutes per month? Pff, that's laughable! Who needs so many free minutes to make calls ??? Um, hawk, that's definitely not enough for women in love. But if you think that these minutes will be spent with your loved one, you are very wrong! Because in these 2,000 plus minutes, friends are called and messages are analyzed and interpreted together, what has been said is broken down and reflected on down to the smallest detail and possible future plans are forged. No, we're not talking about a future wedding now … Not yet! That'll come sooner or later. Probably sooner rather than later, if HE should dare to express his view of the future. And be it just "I would like to have a garden or a huge roof terrace later on" - that's enough and we think about the perfect apartment layout, the perfect district and the dream kitchen.

3. Status: permanently online

Nowadays it is not exactly difficult to be available online all the time. But when you're in love, it turns into an absolute freak show. Because as soon as you have found the man of your dreams, every 10 minutes you check whether HE was already online, whether HE is currently online (and YES at this moment we feel particularly close to him) and whether HE has already read the message -Aaaargh THANK YOU Facebook, you make our despair and crying fits even easier because HE has "read" the news, we now know that too, but HE still hasn't answered !!!!

Because we know: Almost everyone of us has Facebook and everyone has a mobile phone - why can't the gracious gentleman just answer immediately?!?! Pfff, how rude!


4. Paul - Who is Paul ?

But please girls, the names should be chosen carefully. Because if his best friend's name is Mark, stupidly sitting behind you and you always talk about an alleged "Mark", then quite unpleasant misunderstandings could arise.

5. Mood swings

Women in love can do one thing above all: they can get into something incredibly quickly and with full fervor. But as soon as things don't go as planned or as planned, then you don't take a step back and look at the whole thing from an objective, different point of view. No! Then the world collapses and long couch sessions accompanied by howling fits and attacks of aggression are the order of the day. What helps? Chocolate, handkerchiefs and films like "Email for You", "Like a Single Day", "Pearl Harbor" and "Titanic". In romantic films, they blaspheme "That's so unrealistic. A guy would never do that. Pfff cheese like that is only available in Hollywood" and in sad films, people start to cry, even more than before, "It's so tragic. Me am so unhappy. The film makes me so sad ".

And what supports us even more in our depths: The Kuschelrock-Schnulzen-Playlist is found in the iTunes library and played up and down.

That this behavior is completely free in about 80% of the cases, because HE said himself that night with a "Sorry, the battery was empty" or at the latest the next morning with a "Good morning, sunshine. I wish you a great day" reports, can definitely be mentioned at this point. Hello drama queen!

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