9 life-saving tips for a good night's sleep in the heat
9 life-saving tips for a good night's sleep in the heat

The heat is killing us! Especially at night there is no cooling down and sleep is out of the question. How you still wake up with a cool head.

sleep in the heat
sleep in the heat

You are probably like many others right now - the heat has made it difficult for you to sleep lately. The bedchamber has been converted into a free sauna, you toss and turn, find sleep for an hour or two, and wake up early in the morning hours before the alarm goes off!

We have put together a few "cool" tips for you so that you can get enough sleep despite hot summer nights:


Cool down before going to bed. Take a cool bath or shower (approx. 35 degrees). Attention: You can get up to speed with ice-cold water - that helps more after getting up. Do not rub yourself completely dry afterwards - the body cools down further through the evaporation. Mint or eucalyptus oil (rubbing alcohol) also help.


Ventilate well! The sun burns unabashedly on the bedroom window all day. The result: a stay at night is almost unbearable! Therefore: During the day, the windows and the blinds should remain closed. So ventilate properly at night or in the early morning hours.


The right bed linen. Linen bed linen is particularly recommended in the summer months! Light cotton is also more comfortable than synthetic materials. So swap the duvet for a thin sheet - that's enough. A particularly "cool" tip: put the sheet or pajamas briefly in the freezer before going to bed - refreshment is guaranteed.


Does alcohol help me sleep through the night? Drinking yourself to sleep in desperation is not a good idea. Alcohol relaxes (that's why a cold beer in the evening is okay), but basically it disturbs sleep and dries out the body. Smoking is definitely bad before going to sleep because nicotine is stimulating.


What do I eat before bed? You should have your last meal no later than two hours before going to bed. Then only eat light foods such as salad & Co. Spicy food shouldn't be on your menu either: hot spices promote increased perspiration and this is a hindrance to falling asleep.


Should I exercise before going to bed? No. Physical exertion makes you tired and helps you to fall asleep. In summer, however, it is generally better to do sport in the morning. Then it is cooler and the ozone concentration is lower.


Sleep naked! Hot summer nights invite you to forego pajamas and the like. For a good night's sleep, it is recommended to sleep naked! This also avoids waking up to sweaty clothes.


Cold bed treats. Sounds strange, but works! Take an ice-cold bottle (no matter what drink) to your bed! As an alternative, you can also use a hot water bottle and repurpose it with cold water.


Do I have to worry about lack of sleep? No. Our body needs less sleep in summer because the body releases less melatonin (sleep hormone). Better to sleep short and sound than long but restless.

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