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Sexting: 10 tips to avoid embarrassment
Sexting: 10 tips to avoid embarrassment

Come send it to me! In the digital age, "sexting" is the art of heating up each other virtually. How it gets tingly and not embarrassing …

Sexting: 10 tips to avoid embarrassment
Sexting: 10 tips to avoid embarrassment

Do you fancy foreplay 2.0? A little "dirty talk", but not whispered in your ear with relish, but typed into your mobile phone with sweaty fingers? "Sexting". This is the fine art of telling each other with hot messages via WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS.

Brilliant. Or just embarrassing. We are not even talking about the breakdowns caused by the auto-correction, but about clumsy turn-ons or verbal erotic blunders.

So what you should know about sexting before you hit the keys.

Sexting Examples: With these tips it will not be embarrassing


LUST DOES WHAT YOU READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Of course, your sexting messages shouldn't be too vague. Otherwise the recipient will only understand the station. "What are you wearing right now?" is, for example, a question that is completely out of context into a "A sweater, why?" can end. How then? Even a "I'm holding my chest" is a bit too clumsy. Playful hints that leave room for fantasies are better. "Do you remember Sunday when we came home and attacked us?" is not that bad. Also a "Do you want dessert to be served in bed tonight?" can have a little effect.


SPELLING IS SEXY. Typos happen. Still, they are, unfortunately, insanely unsexy. Otherwise your message will also make an inattentive, hasty impression. And that's exactly what you want to avoid, don't you? So read the text carefully again before you press "Send".


FOR PHOTOS: BETTER CAUTION. Of course, it is tempting to send a hot photo to your partner through the virtual space. Nevertheless, we advise caution. The new lover may be showing the photo to their pals to show off. Or an ex takes revenge after the breakup by posting your sexy picture or short video on the web. A breakdown can also occur and the photo unexpectedly suddenly appears online. Therefore, you shouldn't send sexting photos. And if you do, then only to someone you can absolutely trust.


AND IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS: THIS IS WHAT YOU'LL BE SAFE. Do you really want to send a sexy photo? OK. But then please play it safe and keep your anonymity as far as possible. Your face, tattoos, or birthmarks that could be used to identify you shouldn't be visible in the picture. In addition: The pure contour of the breast or a picture in which a hand just barely covers the pubic area exudes the stimulus to want to see even more. And not just digitally. There is no better bait!


A LITTLE PROVOCATION HAS TO BE. Sexting is not for the shy. Logo. After all, something sent by SMS cannot simply be retrieved or revised with a quick explanation. A little provocation is part of it. If you still have inhibitions - throw the ball to your partner. How about this avance: “Guess what my fantasy is doing to me right now.” You can now confidently leave the answer to your sexting partner.


TAKE CARE OF THE RECEIVER. Instead of "Patrick" send the hot text to "Papa". He didn't want to find out in his life that his daughter would like to have sex in the back seat of a car. Certainly not. Therefore: always check a second, third and fourth time, whether you have really chosen the right recipient.


VOICE MESSAGES: ONLY SOMETHING FOR PROFESSIONALS. You don't want to type an SMS, but prefer to send a voice message? Attention, because several factors come into play here: your tone of voice, your speaking speed, the flow of speech … if something goes wrong, the sexting attempt is more embarrassing than erotic. Our tip: If you don't have an erotic voice or if you tend to mess things up, you should stick to the written word.


FROM SMS TO BED. Another important tip: When you're sexting, never write things that you really don't want to do. Threesomes? As a fantasy … possibly. But imagine, your friend now thinks that you want to try it out in reality. Anyone who writes something that they would never do or want in reality does not appear authentic - and risks misunderstandings. Note: honesty is also sexy.


EMOJIS IN SEXTING. Actually, there isn't really anything wrong with that. A wink smiley, for example, leaves a lot in the hint area, not so bad when it comes to sexting. The colorful pictures only become unsexy if you overdo them with them. And: The Gacksi emoji is very, very special interest. But that's just by the way.


AND AT SOME POINT THEN IT HAS TO BE ENDED. The fine art of sexting is finding the time to graduate. Two or three messages, then it should be over. Otherwise the words will run out at some point. And with it the fire …

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