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Love Horoscope: Virgo - August 24th - September 22nd
Love Horoscope: Virgo - August 24th - September 22nd

Here you can find out what makes the shy Virgo-born tick when it comes to love - and which zodiac sign suits her best!

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

Virgos live out their flirting behavior more in their professional life than at a party or in a discotheque, as they don't like the hustle and bustle of the disco boxes at all. In addition, they feel safe at work and generally avoid places where there are many people, because they take a close look at potential flirt partners and tender whispers, where alcohol may also play a role, ricochet off them. Virgos melt away in witty and intellectual conversations, where they can also prove their skills. Clear body language (facial expressions and gestures) encourage them. Also to put your own romantic ideas into practice. If the virgin is caught, a few surprises await. A virgin who has gained deep trust can offer a lot erotically. When a Virgo falls in love, her thoughts usually revolve around an essential question “What does he see in me and does he really love me?”. In all likelihood, the chosen one will perceive above all the liveliness, friendliness and, unlike what is seen in traditional astrology, the sex appeal. The Virgo's modesty is also fascinating. She has a lot of charm, but she may come to believe that she is not very attractive. Hence, she should keep in mind that shyness can be the purest aphrodisiac.

Virgos in partnership

You need patient partners who don't value vows of love and daydreams. Sometimes they also like to remain partnerless because their demands in terms of perfection are extremely high and can therefore hardly be met. Connections in which private and business life are closely interwoven and a common task are pursued are ideal. They are good friends and extremely pleasant conversationalists. They encourage the partner to work hard and move forward in their job. If this happens in a positive and constructive way, it is wonderful. A Virgo's greatest weakness in a long-term relationship is her tendency to nag. She has to learn to withdraw a little more, otherwise tangible disputes will result. Likewise, a person born in Virgo has the impressive ability to express the joy of life. Virgo partners should also be aware that they are curious like cats. There will definitely not be a lack of conversations here, especially if something is bothersome in the partnership.

"Virgo woman in love"

If she was not brought up too shyly or religiously, a lively young lady with an open, clear eye for the male world matures. In contrast to her male zodiac representative, she does not have to struggle for an agreement of heart and mind. Finding a tolerable mediocrity of benevolent and loving criticism of the partner, therein lies the great talent of a Virgo. A Virgo woman should learn to plunge into life without thinking and full of pleasure.

Virgo woman and Aries man

She loves his heroic, impetuous nature and his masculinity in him. But before she gets involved in this partnership she must first check his other qualities so that she can be sure that her future is secure. He also has to be clever and cunning. But she shouldn't always nag him like that, because he's ready to do anything for her anyway, because otherwise he will become more and more irritable over time and this partnership could get out of hand.

Virgo woman and Taurus man

The Taurus man loves her fine charm and her supposedly shy reserve. She loves his looks, his cleanliness and the security he can offer her. He is a talented businessman and his apartment is furnished accordingly. Two signs of the zodiac, they understand each other straight away. Here she finds a sensitive, sensual man who knows what women need.

Virgo woman and Gemini man

Once all the initial difficulties have been overcome, nothing stands in the way of a refreshing and playful relationship, because no one can follow their spiritual exchange. They are both real quick thinkers and thus get from one topic to another.

Virgo woman and Cancer man

For the Cancer man, the Virgo woman is an interesting woman, but for her he is not her prey pattern, because she lacks the distinctive male personality profile. The only thing that could appeal to you about him is his tremendous empathy and compassion for absolute understanding and pure acceptance. For a long-term partnership, she expects more courage to be masculine from him, because she is guaranteed not to bring a new best friend in the form of a man into the house.

Virgo woman and Leo man

She will find an elegant solution with him and then profile herself as a skilful ruler behind the ruler. Here she learns the flavor of a warm generosity that is not based on logical criteria.

Virgo Woman and Virgo Woman

In very few cases, this two-person constellation should work, as both constantly criticize the other. But it could also be a partnership in which the carefully spoken word plays an important role and tender emotional ties are cherished and nurtured. But only if both are learned and mature enough.

Virgo woman and Libra man

A rare partnership-based constellation, because the critical Virgo will not get very far with a cosmopolitan man, since he always thinks of a “white lie”. At first she will tolerate this, but then over time she will resort to tougher means of psychological-verbal warfare. He tries to retouch and hide mistakes and weaknesses. Then the Virgo woman will not be happy with him. A difficult relationship!

Virgo woman and Scorpio man

Could lead to an interesting and intensive partnership, if both should have learned, with their well-developed talents and aptitudes, not to react too one-sidedly to interpersonal encounters. Here the Virgo woman is still extremely capable of learning, since she has finally met a master of the senses in him.

Virgo woman - Sagittarius man

A short-term relationship that is not possible in the long term. As fast as he stepped into her life, he is up and away again and smiling skillfully at the next lady.

Virgo woman and Capricorn man

There is an excellent working atmosphere between the two of them, because care and adherence to principles are ideally supported. With a Capricorn man, the Virgo woman is in good hands and can also confide in him in the knowledge that she will never be disappointed. He will find a sparkling clean kitchen, a clean apartment and a well-groomed woman who will be by his side forever.

Virgo woman and Aquarius man

Quite an extravagant but rare love connection between two people, as the spheres of experience are too different. In addition, there is his egotistical addiction to profiling which will represent an eternal obstacle between the two. A man who, at the bottom of his heart, is forever alone and also wants to be, because he absolutely wants to lose this bitter feeling of a lone warrior, not twice when a woman comes too close to him and demands responsibility in the partnership from him.

Virgo woman - Pisces man

From a partnership perspective, a tense relationship could develop between the two, both in a positive and in a negative sense. A so-called life artist will appear in your life and inspire you. In professional life, however, he has to have a solid career for her to keep him by her side. Sometimes she is the only zodiac representative who knows exactly how to keep it under control. But she should give in sometimes, otherwise it could become too much for him with her.

"Virgo Man in Love"

Virgo men are very involved in their own mental life. By pragmatic, pedantic planning and thinking, Virgo men always play it safe in matters of the heart. In the beginning, the Virgo man is a so-called gentleman lover, with well-groomed manners. But over time and the experience he has gained, he has learned to pretend that he is completely confiding in a woman in order to satisfy himself only with her gifts. This behavior will break his neck over time and so he will inevitably be left alone. Here one would also say that the Virgo man has the tendency to get stuck in the earthly. Due to his pragmatic objectivity and his permanent sense of responsibility, it is not easy for him to freely develop his masculinity.

Virgo man and Aries woman

Basically a worthwhile "purchase". However, if the Aries woman has sensed a dormant partnership over time, she will flee the relationship, unless the Virgo man is an enterprising man and has money in the account. Then she will literally plunder his account. So he will often burn his hands with her. Here he should always be so smart and give her the feeling that she sets the tone in the partnership, then he will finally have the stormy Aries woman under control.

Virgo man and Taurus woman

In this cosmic constellation it will not crackle with passionate energy, rather this partnership will result in a constant endeavor for one another. A thoroughly affectionate partnership, as both know about each other's vulnerability. Therefore good for a long-term relationship, with a tendency towards material and sensual emotional security.

Virgo man and Gemini woman

Everyone tries to secure their own advantage in this partnership at all times. A constant back and forth of what is developing here. There is a lot of talk, in vain and all night long discussed and put into perspective. The Virgo man likes to get involved in the games of the Gemini woman, because of course her versatile feminine nuances appeal to him. In order to discover these he has to invest a lot of energy, otherwise the Gemini woman will quickly have an affair.

Virgo man and Cancer woman

The forces of attraction between the two are extreme, so both complement each other ideally on a psychological and emotional level. Through his behavior, the Virgo man curbs the mood-fluctuating psyche of a Cancer woman to a healthy extent. As a result, he is in good hands with a Cancer woman.

Virgo man and Leo woman

This is more likely to be a short episode, because otherwise the virgin man would be completely exhausted with her. Here two different people meet who can hardly come up with a common denominator. Even love is too exhausting for him because it constantly wants to be swarmed around and thus a difficult partnership results from it.

Virgo man and Virgo woman

A risk, because both are too similar. If the Virgo man is a mature lover, he will visibly enjoy playing with her until she finds out about him. A partnership that provides endless material for speeches and justification monologues.

Virgo man and Libra woman

Here two extremely different personalities meet who will have an extremely difficult time in a partnership. On the one hand the capable businessman and on the other hand the lavish luxury lady. Something like that cannot go well in the long run, even if he tries everything to keep the partnership alive.

Virgo man and Scorpio woman

In principle, both complement each other in a harmonious way. The emotional sadness and the sensual desire of a Scorpio woman are opposed to the reasonable and mentally present intellect of the Virgo man. A close and intimate partnership, but only if he can also muster sufficient masculine emotional potency. Otherwise it could quickly mutate into their plaything.

Virgo man and Sagittarius woman

Virgo man and Capricorn woman

In this partnership-like constellation, there is a tendency to control everything, but also really everything, and to look at it in a use-oriented way. For the business world, this action is guaranteed to be cheap, but not in matters of love, it will nip even the most intimate partnership in the bud in the long run. However, if both manage to remove this calculation from the heart, nothing stands in the way of a loving, tender and considerate partnership.

Virgo man and Aquarius woman

The duration and fulfillment of this partnership depend on mutual tolerance and devotion. With her he finds a spiritual approach to self-realization. A partnership that runs more on the spiritual level. Whether this is the great sensual and emotional fulfillment is an open question. The solution could possibly be on a common path.

Virgo man and Pisces woman

In terms of its basic principle, it would be its cosmic complement. What he has too much in head and spirit, she has too much in her body and in her soul. The problem is the resulting one-sidedness. For the Virgo man this "Tet-á-Tet" will cost too much life energies, because he not only wants to be an episode in her life, but if then he would like to spend his whole life together with her. But it is too volatile and too opaque for that.

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