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Love Horoscope: Scorpio - October 24th - November 22nd
Love Horoscope: Scorpio - October 24th - November 22nd

Scorpions fall for or flee. Here you can find out how this sign of the zodiac behaves in partnerships and who is best suited to this sign!

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

The scorpion subtly casts its nets. He likes to use his deep, promising eyes, which quickly become hypnotic once he has made his choice. Right: He makes the choice. Even if the flirt partner thinks he is the conqueror. In fact, he “only” follows the mysterious call of the scorpion and is soon hopelessly at the mercy of it. Like the rabbit before the snake! Scorpios fall for or flee. You are not born for quick affairs, although there are of course exceptions. Scorpios like to play with the "object of desire" and are masters and connoisseurs of the seductive, excitingly erotic "delaying tactics".

Scorpio in partnership

The Scorpio concentrates his strong feelings on sexuality, which plays an important role for him in a relationship. He is a loyal, protective and soulful partner when the partnership is on an honest and open basis.

"Scorpio woman in love"

Your natural femininity takes on a sensually aggressive and often possessive structure of action. It is more of a whirlwind of the senses and desire. In most cases, the choice of a partner is such that in the case of attractive, but too shy men, she takes on the direct male role of conquering. She has no inhibitions about admitting her true intentions and goals. Basically, she thinks nothing of platonic friendship. There is also another, somewhat tamer variant in which their perception and way of life are more enveloped in dark shadows of brooding and depressed mood.

Scorpio woman - Aries man

A highly explosive partnership combination with magical physical attraction. The Scorpio woman appreciates that he gets straight to the point without further ado. But she should already have a strong and stunning feminine erotic aura. Inevitably, this relationship will lead him into a jealous and erotic addiction. A tragic relationship.

Scorpio woman and Taurus man

Here there is a magical sensual attraction for both and both plunge into battle and partnership supremacy. At the beginning of this relationship, this is really fun, but over time, habits gain the upper hand. Not an easy partnership.

Scorpio woman - Gemini man

For an emancipated Scorpio woman, this is an ideal love affair, because the Gemini man has hellish respect for her and her absolute claim to love. This relationship just doesn't leave enough air to breathe, for this reason you prefer to stay separate, see each other occasionally, depending on your mood, and then go separate ways again.

Scorpio woman - Cancer man

An extremely ideal partnership constellation that ideally complements both personality cores. He sees her tremendous sensual energy and, if she loves him, can lead her on a partnership path of intimate and perfectly lived togetherness. In the Cancer Man she sees herself for who she really is, as if in a mirror, and this gives her a chance to correct herself.

Scorpio woman and Leo man

She'd better keep her hands off him, otherwise she won't leave good hair on the Leo man. Of course she will make him docile for her purposes, but his behavior is more of a leisurely nature and will not exactly inspire her completely. Therefore, he should at least provide the necessary material framework for their relationship in a grand way.

Scorpio woman and Virgo man

A sensible relationship if the Virgo man manages to pull their passion over to his territory. Then both form an ideally complementary partnership constellation. With their eroticism and his expertise, their partnership can be taken to unimagined heights. However, there is one shortcoming, the common predisposition to rapidly escalating criticism. Peace is quickly out of the house and an ugly guerrilla war of exposure and personal injury is the order of the day. Not an easy partnership.

Scorpio woman - Libra man

The Libra man is guaranteed to please a Scorpio woman, but by and large it's a partnership that doesn't look rosy in the long run. She will only get her money's worth in the very first moments of meeting him, because otherwise he is a creature of habit and the Scorpio woman cannot stand that.

Scorpio woman and Scorpio man

For outsiders a terrific spectacle of an immensely demanding partnership, because fire is played around every corner. Both partners hold on with their scorpion claws and threaten each other at the same time with their poisonous stings. A really extreme partnership.

Scorpio woman - Sagittarius man

Two extreme people meet, because the Scorpio woman wants to bind everything emotionally to herself and the Sagittarius man lives from the high ethical potential of a free, unconstrained personality development. With the best will and even after the hottest, wild nights, that doesn't go together in the long run.

Scorpio woman and Capricorn man

In astrological terms an ideal connection, but unfortunately both worlds offer little chance of survival for the other. So not such a pleasant prospect. Unless both are mature enough to plunge into the risk of this partnership, both can rediscover and develop themselves.

Scorpio woman and Aquarius man

A rarely lasting and usually not very happy relationship, because here two spheres of experience meet, whose world experience takes place on completely different levels. So both will rather separate than jump over their shadows and hold conversations that go from the dark into the light.

Scorpio woman - Pisces man

If the Scorpio woman has achieved everything in her life, she may get involved in the game with the Pisces man. This relationship is only lasting when the impulsive Scorpio woman has become calmer and more relaxed. Only then will she be open to the meek Pisces man and his merits.

"Scorpio Man in Love"

An absolute expert and true master of all passions - the Scorpio man. For him, every experience in this area serves the purpose of human self-knowledge. The passions sweeping away from him can be a curse and a redemption at the same time. He has to go through all the ups and downs in order to mature. He forces his partner to give themselves to him completely and without scruples forever. Terms such as bondage, mental compulsion, or making someone highly dependent on yourself are his key words. At any time and in every second of his life, he has the chance to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. This is exactly what makes it so magical and so infinitely interesting for other people. He will very rarely enter into a superficial relationship, because he must be able to experience the full love of the heart in order to be happy.

Scorpio man - Aries woman

This is where two insatiable erotics meet who join forces for a celebration of sensuality. The mainspring of a long-term partnership is the physicality that is lived out. One reason that could stand in the way of a long-term partnership would be the imprudence and the simplicity of the Aries woman, which often appears flat.

Scorpio man and Taurus woman

Step by step, both of them will climb the ladder to the highest enjoyment teasingly or dramatically excessively step by step. In this way, the Taurus woman gets to know life from another side, because she has to correct her claims to his love for better or worse, because only when she is ready to give everything will he settle down near her.

Scorpio man - Gemini woman

The Scorpio man has no objection to a nice, heated, hectic flirt with a Gemini woman. A partnership, the beginning and continuation of which is more dependent on the will and desire of the Scorpio man. On the other hand, this relationship is far too difficult for her and the chances of success are too low. Because of this non-agreement, a partnership will be difficult to come about.

Scorpio man - Cancer woman

In the entire zodiac the sensitive Cancer woman is probably the only one who can free an all too demonic Scorpio man from his infernal entanglements through her unconditional and completely self-sacrificing love. This can be a fulfilling and mutually liberating magical partnership, as both complement each other perfectly.

Scorpio man and Leo woman

A rarer combination of two people, because here two overly confident personalities meet. This inevitably leads to constant quarrels and righteousness. The freedom-loving Leo woman doesn't like it at all when opaque magical experiments are made with her. On the whole a partnership that can only be happy through tolerance, because both signs of the zodiac want to rule and rule over others.

Scorpio man and Virgo woman

In principle, this can be a complementary and balanced partnership. The Virgo woman will succeed in driving out his nonsense with expertise and empathy and loosening up his one-sided emotional balance. Here everyone can work on their own mistakes and human weaknesses with the help of their partner, so more of a work-rich and learning-oriented relationship.

Scorpio man - Libra woman

The true calling and fulfillment lie on completely different levels, but in very few cases there will be a productive and fulfilling partnership between the tart and clingy Scorpio man and the unstable, freedom-conscious Libra woman.

Scorpio man and Scorpio woman

If two personally and characteristically developed Scorpios meet here and go into a partnership together, a truly adventurous life awaits both of them. An intimate, mysteriously magical connection between two people. On the other hand, the absolute togetherness of Scorpios is also a prison of passions and limitless desire. In this relationship, the battle of the sexes can be waged for a lifetime, both partners are also characterized by tenacity and the accuracy of their sting. This sting immediately discovers the other's vulnerable places and can often shamelessly exploit this. Really not an easy relationship.

Scorpio man - Sagittarius woman

In most cases, the Scorpio man will be left behind, because the Sagittarius woman does not allow herself to be put into his sensual emotional prison so easily. Nor does she like it when every mistake is rubbed under her nose a dozen times. So she won't linger long with him either.

Scorpio man and Capricorn woman

Both are not dissimilar to each other and so could miraculously complement each other. She will be his anchorage and he will give her the passion she needs. A perfect long-term relationship!

Scorpio man - Aquarius woman

A very complicated partnership that tends to be in crisis in the long run. Here again two decidedly opinionated stubborn heads meet who, in a partnership, easily disregard and expose the weaknesses and preferences of the other, even if it is only out of sheer pleasure in arguing. It is very difficult for heartfelt love to gain a foothold here.

Scorpio man - Pisces woman

A thoroughly refreshing woman for the Scorpio man, he has found a partner who is equal to him in the Pisces woman. For him she is the eternally young, seductive woman who has to be conquered anew every time. For her he is a desirable magician when it comes to love, who fully understands her playful femininity.

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