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Love Horoscope: Libra - September 23rd - October 23rd
Love Horoscope: Libra - September 23rd - October 23rd

They love compliments and flattery. How do Libra-borns tick in relationships? Which zodiac sign suits you? Here's the answer!

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

All Libra want to please. This makes them receptive to compliments, flattery and gifts. You need company and admiration. As a sign of the air, of course, the variety. Libra like to flirt, but if you want more than a nice evening in refreshing company, you have to have patience and perseverance. Libra are dazzling butterflies that love to nibble - and not always from the same flower. It is also very difficult for Libra to make decisions in matters of love.

Libra in partnership

Libra and love belong together. The scales invented the affair. No Libra loses interest in the opposite sex just because they are happily married. Don't forget - Libra are children of Venus. Partnership with Libra requires patience. And before you decide on a committed relationship, you should consider that although a Libra is wonderful in bed, it is quite disinterested in the emotional state of the partner. Libra would rather pick apart situations than embark on the terrain of emotions in all their shades. Of course they are not heartless. But on the contrary. They only instinctively know that they are sharp-tongued logicians but very bad psychologists. This could lead to disillusionment in partners who have a wide range of feelings and are accordingly sensitive. There is no evil intention behind it. Libra are very reluctant to get lost in abstract worlds and psychological depths.

"Libra Woman in Love"

She has the cosmic talent for an intensive, sometimes stressful partnership. She also maintains friendly relationships with several male partners at the same time, as she is looking for the superhero. A type of woman who does not hesitate long to grip the finger that is stretched out towards him with a firm grip. She would like to have everything that is good and beautiful on this earth in abundance and in extreme diversity. She also wants to savor the sensual and also beautiful-spiritual enjoyment of all possible partnerships and credit it to her experience account. She, too, will have to put up with it every now and then that her best friend will accuse her of being too smooth and calculating behavior that borders on numbness. She has to learn to let herself be fully understood and to openly express all of her intentions to act and feelings in front of her partner.

Libra woman - Aries man

A tense relationship, the existence of which depends on the Aries man's personal degree of maturity. For the Libra woman, his fresh and spontaneous decisions, including his direct masculine potency and charisma, are an eternal fountain of youth.

Libra woman and Taurus man

These two lovers will not be able to get excited about each other out of sheer laziness and comfort. Both dream to themselves and forget the real needs of the partner. Terribly dreary and mutually reproachful partnership.

Libra woman - Gemini man

A brisk and varied partnership where the days and weeks literally fly by. He gives her advice and overlooks her tenacity to make him docile through elementary temptations. He has to crack this code of conduct with her in order to land with her.

Libra woman - Cancer man

Libra woman and Leo man

An ideal couple! The Libra woman has never felt so comfortable and secure with a man. Your expectations were completely satisfied. The spiritual and mental head life and the warming glow of the heart complement each other wonderfully here.

Libra woman and Virgo man

A partnership constellation rarely occurs here. On the whole, this is more of a pastime for the Libra woman, because on his terrain of love she would die of thirst spiritually and emotionally - he could never really satisfy her.

Libra woman and Libra man

This is where two connoisseurs meet who come to the core of their self through a fulfilled and satisfying partnership. Actually an ideal relationship, but the overly one-sided and over time tiring diplomacy of the finest kind could be exhausting in the long run. She takes him pretty much responsibility for the entire partnership and makes its well-being and success dependent on him. Having your own children is the only sensible release from this eternal little game. Then the cosmic talent for partnership, marriage and lively exchange on all levels of human existence comes into its own.

Libra woman - Scorpio man

In the long run, the Libra woman could not be happy with a Scorpio man. Because he knows no behavioral phrases and manners in dealing with her. He is sure to be a good lover for her, who claims her for himself. Here, however, the Scorpio man lacks a happy hand for her to approach this topic with her in a diverse and relaxed manner, without approaching her in the first act.

Libra woman and Sagittarius man

This is where a liberal, fiery male love of life meets female striving for harmony and a pronounced sense of adventure. Nothing is big enough for him that he wouldn't bring it to her as a proof of his infinite love for her. A shared adventure is waiting for both of them until they realize that he is an actor and Casanova.

Libra woman - Capricorn man

More like a dry and pragmatic marriage of convenience, where the Capricorn man will constantly unsettle you with criticism. If he cannot call social and material capital his own, he can immediately give it up again with her. A relationship with no real opportunities.

Libra woman and Aquarius man

Libra woman - Pisces man

It will be enough for a little interlude all the time, but rarely for a long-term partnership. The sore point is the lack of understanding of the real needs of the other. They just don't speak the same language.

"Libra Man in Love"

A born seducer and consummate lover with an extremely masculine body. In addition, a grandiose charmer who never avoids flirting and therefore has a “harem” of more or less superficial and fleeting female acquaintances. So it becomes an eternal back and forth with a smooth, agile Libra man. Only a woman who fully understands and tolerates him will be happy with him in the long term, because his suffering is always only to bring about peace and harmony, for this reason a potential woman could quickly become jealous because he tries to talk his way out of these female acquaintances. He shuttles back and forth between extreme worlds, which doesn't make him an easy partner.

Libra man - Aries woman

Here opposing temperaments collide, where the Libra man can hardly convince an Aries woman of his sophisticated lifestyle. At first she already perceived him as a radiant and well-formed man and can hardly resist him. His shortcoming is to throw even the tiniest little thing into the scales and that is exactly what will get on her nerves over time. Ergo a stressful partnership for both, where the focus is more in the extra-personal area. Here the mental demands will be neglected and over time a more functional partnership will develop.

Libra man and Taurus woman

Both want to call their own everything that this world offers in terms of beauty, luxury, enjoyment and other material and spiritual offers. Ergo, both want to own. Either there will be a terrible argument about it or they are of one heart and one soul - "all-or-nothing love". Your innate distrust of everything new and unknown is likely to be the decisive weak point in this love relationship.

Libra man and Gemini woman

A very interesting matter if both manage to agree on a common spiritual denominator. Otherwise there is the danger of inner-soul and ideal fragmentation and of dissolving all the fine and intimate secrets of an interpersonal world of experience. Both have to learn to get from the head to the heart. A love affair that can tend to expand into short and hectic adventures, but in which both are well able to fool themselves. For both of them a lively and varied, enriching experience, but hardly a resilient, lively and confidential-intimate partnership in the long term.

Libra man - Cancer woman

For a developed Libra man, a partnership with a Cancer woman will be too costly and actually not manageable for him. Actually a shame, because if both communicate with each other, engage in disputes, it would be paradise on earth.

Libra man and Leo woman

Paradise on earth for the Libra man. Here the vain and proud complacency of a lioness is complemented by the dexterous, diplomatic skill of a Libra man. He has perfect manners, a lot of wit and charm and the Leo woman thanks you for this with loyalty and trust. With her he can live as he is.

Libra man and Virgo woman

An extremely rare combination of two people, because they would slide back and forth between extremes. She never really takes him for full and he will rob her last nerve with his indecision. After a short time, the Libra man starts to flee anyway, because he cannot at all dismiss her annoying criticisms of his person.

Libra man and Libra woman

They probably met at a party. She was immediately impressed by his charm and he was impressed by her good looks and the way she graces herself. They have the same interests and preferences, like outward appearances and love luxury and harmony. This being together of two so beautiful, but also superficial people has its pitfalls, because they can become quite aggressive (with subsequent reconciliation). However, if it is possible to find common social activities that both like, a fruitful collaboration could emerge.

Libra man - Scorpio woman

He won't be able to land so easily with her, because all the talk will literally get on her nerves, because she places more value on intimate eye contact and a stimulating exchange on a mentally sensual level. Since he will probably burn his fingers on her, because the sensually experienced Scorpio woman noticed his weak points immediately.

Libra man and Sagittarius woman

From an astrological point of view, the "stars" are extremely favorable for a fulfilled and for both sides really satisfying and harmonious partnership. He simply leaves the decisions to her and she probably won't be able to disappoint him at all.

Libra man - Capricorn woman

Libra man - Aquarius woman

Libra man and Pisces woman

Of course she will manage to pull him over to her side, as she can score with her femininity, which he has never seen in any other woman before. Even after days / weeks he doesn't know where he really is with her because she has turned his head. So it happens that both sides, although there is sympathy and a real desire for love, can quickly grow apart again. Nobody really knows who the other partner really was anymore.

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