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Love Horoscope: Leo - July 23rd - August 23rd
Love Horoscope: Leo - July 23rd - August 23rd

Lions fall in love frequently, violently, and often. Here you can find out how Leo works in partnerships and which zodiac sign suits them best!

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

When a Leo falls in love, their inner psychological sun shines. They fall in love frequently, violently, and often. Often their heart is also broken, presumably because the potential partner does not feel up to them. If love is returned to the Leo, Leos do everything to make their partner happy, then they shower him with love, affection and attention. Leos overlook possible mistakes generously and need a partner who is equal to them. They are loyal and love to help their loved ones in private as well as professional matters.

Lions in partnership

They need partners at their side who appear equally strong and equal to them. The wish of a Leo is that he can admire his partner and be proud of him. On the other hand, he expects the undivided attention and full respect of the other. Happy and content Marriage Leos are loyal, very soulful, full of warmth, and full of fiery passion. If a Leo has decided on a steady relationship, the relationship needs a good helping of common ground. In some cases where the partner lacks assertiveness, determination, and ambition, Leo will take the lead. If he reacts wisely, he will promote the strengths and self-confidence of the partner. Most Leos prefer a joyful and pleasant partnership, where there are occasional surprises. Regardless of whether Lions can afford it or not, they give everything for their partner!

"Leo woman in love"

There is a true diva in every female lioness. The lioness enjoys being embraced by her loved one. For this reason, she would never take the first step of conquest. Instead, it sends out a signal to give the loved one the feeling of conquest. She loves being well cared for and knows how to use material luxury, prefers grand gestures and a wildly romantic love affair. Small and inconspicuous men do not fall into their perceptual pattern. If she is a pronounced Leo with a love of power, then she has a number of other men and is aiming for a career. Nobody gets away with a scratch here. She wants to know under all circumstances that she is the absolutely only love of his heart. If he does not meet these demands, he drops them immediately. The milder version of a Leo woman would be the Leo woman with power to love. She has discovered the warm-hearted, feminine lion nature in herself and treats her fellow human beings with care and protection. But she wants to be wooed just as fervently and hotly and gives the partner a resilient security of a proud, life-affirming partnership and will even fight for him in an emergency. Young lionesses find it much easier than other representatives of the zodiac sign to penetrate the heart of their chosen one. She really only wants the best and everyone will be amazed at her emotional glow.

Leo woman and Aries man

She could permanently tame the Aries man so that he suits her, because he is quickly addicted to her anyway. So nothing stands in the way of a productive and dynamic community of like-minded people.

Leo woman and Taurus man

A short "tete-a-tete" will develop out of it, but for a long-term partnership, it has bad chances with her. Unless she has had enough of all the “poor” lovers and the Taurus man is a decent businessman, then she could make a permanent place in her heart for him. The shortcoming of this two-man story is the stubbornness of the bulls and the striving for power of the lions. Because of this, he is not a good match for her, unless he is a wilder bull and has not fallen on his head, then he is more suitable for her.

Leo woman and Gemini man

A complementary partnership where the Leo woman will not be too strict with the Gemini man's antics. As a result, he is very impressed by the proud Leo woman and will show himself from his best side and cover up his weaknesses and even learn from them over time. A lively and varied partnership, if both manage to maintain the ease and loveliness in dealing with one another for many years.

Leo woman and Cancer man

This constellation provides the most stable background for a cosmic marriage. She will realize that he has some previously unknown qualities and talents in store for her. Nevertheless, the Leo woman misses a strict male hand and distinctive personality traits. This is the main reason why this perfect relationship is so rarely lived.

Leo woman and Leo man

In principle, there is too much self-awareness and power to love (or love to power) here. Basically, the Leo man would not be a bad match for them if it weren't for the same claim to the leadership position. If both manage to meet the other with love and tolerance and the claims to power are omitted, this would be a royal couple.

Leo woman and Virgo man

A partnership results from a Leo woman and a Virgo man in the rarest of cases, unless the Leo woman is not doing well financially at a certain point in time, then it could very well be possible that she will find a financially secure Virgo man. But over time the Virgo man will push his behavior (cynical expressions, direct and unvarnished criticism) too far and the Leo woman will seek the expanse as a result. Ergo - not an easy partnership (if one emerges from it).

Leo woman and Libra man

From a cosmic point of view, an ideal couple, because here the stability of a lioness and the qualities of the Libra man striving for harmony and peace complement each other. For him, the Leo woman is the ideal image of a proud woman / partner and she gladly takes over the reins in the partnership and shows him a way out of his mental imbalance.

Leo woman and Scorpio man

Here we do not find the two extremely different emotional worlds flowing freely and easily into one another. A permanent, exhausting struggle for existence and permanent, ruthless self-assertion take place here. Difficult constellation!

Leo woman and Sagittarius man

Leo woman and Capricorn man

In the more mature years, the resulting partnership will prove to be enriching, but at a young age a Capricorn man with a paternal touch is not for a Leo woman. Even later it won't be great love.

Leo woman and Aquarius man

An extremely tense relationship that can develop here. However, if such a partnership unexpectedly emerges, it will be governed by a constant drive for power, because here two stubborn heads meet. If, on the other hand, both of them were to reduce their exaggerated goals to a normal level, everything could go much nicer between the two of them.

Leo woman and Pisces man

Such a partnership-like constellation will not often come across in everyday life, as the Leo woman finds the Pisces man too puzzling and inscrutable in his will and action. Should it lead to a partnership between the two of them, the lioness will of course try to change him, this does not work well and he will never run away again.

"Leo Man in Love"

There is a true gentleman in every male Leo. When a Leo man enters a room, he only fills it with his "being there" and is attractive and erotic at the same time. In contrast to his female counterpart, he conquers like a true gentleman. He takes the beloved to the finest restaurants, sprinkles red roses on the floor, organizes night boat trips in the moonlight, etc. With his stage-ready productions, he would never surprise a woman, because according to a Leo man, that would have no style. Since the best is only good enough for him, his expectations are particularly strong. He only lets people into his closer living space who appear to him to be valuable, comprehensively educated and developed. He lives according to the motto “I am the boss!”. This is the main reason for violent arguments in love matters. Nevertheless, he is a true gentleman who treats the ladies as they need to. Added to this is his irresistible and unique charm, as well as his philanthropic disposition. The key phrase "love of power or power of love" would be appropriate here. The Leo man of the first sort will rarely find an equal love partner because he is too possessive and seeks too much power. The other representatives of the Leo, who have discovered the power of love in themselves and in their partner, will find great happiness as a result. Their love is without great expectation and their generous generosity regarding compassion and understanding are ideal for a fulfilled and happy love relationship. The Leo could all too easily find himself in a one-sided partnership, where only he sacrifices the entire life energy to the partner and is thus exploited.

Leo man and Aries woman

Here it crackles and sparks at the first encounter, since the Aries woman is the ideal woman for the Leo man. She complements his natural dignity and indolence with her spontaneous decisiveness, so both vibrate in unison. He, on the other hand, uses his emotional energies too often for his own will. This could lead to serious problems in the long run. Otherwise truth and sincerity go hand in hand with all emotions and thoughts. However, the Leo man should break away from his comfort every now and then in order to offer something to the Aries woman. Then and only then can a fantastic two-person relationship with the highest striving for realization and mutual development opportunities arise from it.

Leo man and Taurus woman

Everyone would like to be addressed by the other first. This already complicates the beginning of this constellation, because the Taurus woman, who is concerned with emotionally sensual security, wants to make sure that no monster makes her way and the Leo man does not want to play this "game" because he thinks he doesn't have to do anything prove. For this reason a rather difficult constellation with difficult future prospects.

Leo man and Gemini woman

The Leo man can give a developed Gemini woman the necessary spiritual and emotional goal setting, as well as offer her a shoulder to lean on. She, on the other hand, gives him the thousand different sides of her imagination, whereby the Leo man finally gets his comfort under control. Well-guessed cosmic constellation.

Leo man and Cancer woman

This creates the most natural marriage of all signs of the zodiac. Such a rare harmonious partnership with great happiness. Everyone has talents that the other does not have, but which fit perfectly and complement one another one hundred percent. A perfect partnership!

Leo man and Leo woman

As noble and good-natured as the two behave towards each other in the first encounter, they will later fight for the leadership position in the partnership. An exhausting competition, which is usually accompanied by arguments and personal injuries. It will get on the nerves of the Leo man that the Leo woman, with her stressed freedom, will not let anything be said of him. This partnership usually only survives with a lot of diplomacy and mutual respect.

Leo man and Virgo woman

He is skilfully ruled by the Virgo woman without even realizing it and she is evidently a devoted servant to him. She will take care of him perfectly and diplomatically incite him to top performance in professional and private life. Thus, the striving for material security and security of a Virgo woman is satisfied and the Leo man is allowed to play the unrestricted ruler of the house. A successful combination through and through.

Leo man and Libra woman

Not dissimilar personalities meet here, because both strive for something higher and nobler with full energy. Both were initially attracted to the outside of the partner, then were made aware of the inner qualities. A mature Libra woman knows exactly what a Leo man loves, and that's why they get along extremely well. He will enjoy her diplomatic nature and an intimate and varied relationship can begin and lead to a picture-book marriage.

Leo man and Scorpio woman

An extremely intense and extremely varied life event can be expected here. The Leo man rediscovers his love for power in a sensual, emotionally capable Scorpio woman and he does not want to let her get him down under any circumstances. But that's exactly what she intends to do with him. The power games are typical here, because neither give up nor give up a millimeter. Both stimulate the mutual extremes of wanting and feeling. Not an easy long-term relationship.

Leo man and Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman has the ideal of a fiery dynamic personality that the Leo man truly craves. The cosmopolitan and expansive Sagittarius woman is guaranteed to love him, as he is similar to her. In spite of all of this, he is “only” the steadily warming embers of the inner, true love of the heart for her. But it is precisely this consuming, fiery passion that the Leo man needs. The key word here is a healthy limitation for a mutually successful and meaningful partnership.

Leo man and Capricorn woman

The attraction and value of this partnership lies in the common pursuit of fundamental honesty in thinking and acting. He gives her the lack of zest for life, which he makes steadily and faithfully available to her and she will never disappoint him and make the best of the relationship. With her moral and rational, sober, but honest support he will make the career he has always had in mind and she will find in him a true gentleman. A partnership that does not seem so suitable for the hot and intense years in life, but in the eventful old age, when both have already experienced a lot.

Leo man and Aquarius woman

A healthy two-way relationship is guaranteed not to come about so quickly between a Leo man and Aquarius woman, because here, in the truest sense of the word, two opposing spheres of experience and behavior collide. She wants to fully develop her "I-core" and he wants to be who he is. So neither will give in a step and so the Leo man will soon choose another if he wants to avoid an endless drama.

Leo man and Pisces woman

He finds her refreshingly alive and she admires his serene dignity. With his mind, he effortlessly wipes her gloomy moods and thoughts aside and she learns from him how she can bring her powers to light again and use them optimally. Thus, the Leo man is spot on with the Pisces woman. But before she embarks on an adventure with him, the Pisces woman should have fulfilled and lived out her dreams and the associated unpredictability in everyday life. Also a matter close to the heart for the more mature years, otherwise a short, extremely intense love adventure could emerge from it.

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(c) Astrologer Roland Hansl

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